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Pets now get their own bespoke menu at this Cape Town hotel

Pets now get their own bespoke menu at this Cape Town hotel

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There are many people who choose to travel with their family pets and thanks to Radisson Red V&A Waterfront in Cape Town you can spoil your pet with a lunch or dinner date too.

Thanks to the partnership with Pet Heaven, they will be launching their new pet-friendly menu at the hotel’s on-site restaurant.

The hotel is pet-friendly as is but with recent partnership with Pet Heaven, they decided to take it to another level. I mean, who doesn’t love a good nibble?

The PET-CATION partnership allows two pets per room – pets like to socialise too. And pet owners can order from the on-site restaurant menu, you’ll just have to figure out what tickles your dog’s fancy.

Where do they take their naps once their bellies are filled? The room chosen will provide your pets with comfy beds and bowls. While you sip on your arrival drink your pet will indulge in an arrival treat.

“You don’t have to feel the stress and guilt about leaving your pets at home. All our pets are VIPs when they stay with us, and we are excited that with this new partnership we will now be able to offer some culinary highlights to our four-legged guests,” says Radisson Red’s curator, Leonie Andereya.

“We are excited about our partnership with Radisson Red as we look to take a step forward and help our pet parents involve their pets in every exciting moment of their lives,” says Tarryn Hayes, brand manager for Pet Heaven.

Andereya concludes by saying that if you choose to vacay with your fur babies, there are a number of pet-friendly markets and restaurants to explore in walking distance from your PET-CATION.

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