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Only in South Africa! WATCH: Man does ‘Spiderman’ climb up street pole, to steal light

Only in South Africa! WATCH: Man does ‘Spiderman’ climb up street pole, to steal light

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Durban – A video of a man climbing up a lamppost to steal the light has gone viral.

According to the South African, the video was captured in a Gauteng suburb.

It has since gone viral on Twitter.

In the 45-second clip, the person is seeing climbing up the pole effortless, earning him the title of Spiderman, and then sliding back down the pole after retrieving what he went for.

Watch this. Uncontrolled and widespread. pic.twitter.com/a9yfgsZVt5

— jv (@jvnaidoo1) November 14, 2022

He then calmly begins collecting his items and walks away.

There are no details as to where the video was filmed.

But Tweeps had a lot to say.

Bane of Society: Would have been a high performing employee at a coconut farm.

Brent: Yip, a cool skill applied for the wrong reason!

Arshad Pahad: Phone your security company, don't just film this man

In a separate incident, two men have been arrested after they were found with traffic lights.

IOL reported that on November 11, police received complaints of two suspects driving in a white Toyota Hi-Ace minibus taxi who were busy tampering with traffic lights at the corner of Booysens Road and John Street in Selby.

Police allegedly found two traffic lights placed at the back of the minibus taxi.

They were arrested and charged with charged for possession and tampering with essential municipal infrastructure.

In March, a video of a man pulling away a traffic light in Joburg was widely circulated on social media.

The Joburg Roads Agency (JRA) shared the 17-second video, appealing to residents to refrain from vandalising critical infrastructure.


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