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Olwee Mlotshwa to Pearl Shongwe: ‘I can’t believe I’ll never hear you laugh again’

Olwee Mlotshwa to Pearl Shongwe: ‘I can’t believe I’ll never hear you laugh again’

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Tributes have continued to pour in on social media for radio and television presenter Pearl Shongwe since the news of her passing broke last week.

Media personality and DJ Olwethu “Olwee” Mlotshwa took to his Instagram page on Thursday, November 17 to pay a sweet tribute to Shongwe, who passed away on November 8.

Mlotshwa shared a picture of Shongwe along with a short video clip in which Shongwe’s infectious laughter can be heard in the background.

He wrote: “I can’t believe I’ll never hear you laugh again.”

“My comfort is in knowing you became the girl you always said you wanted to be. In as much as you laughed wholeheartedly, you loved and lived wholeheartedly.

“And then you’d unwind wholeheartedly. You never compromised on living the life you deserve. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thanks for the lesson in doing everything wholeheartedly. Now you get to join your faves, your gran and your old man,” added the star.

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Family, friends and colleagues of Shongwe said during a memorial service that at the SABC’s head office in Joburg that they were trying to come to terms with Shongwe’s untimely death.

In a statement shared by the SABC, the family announced that Shongwe’s body was discovered at her Midrand’s home on November 8. She was 35 years old.

“It is with great sadness that the Shongwe family announces the untimely passing of our beloved daughter Ntombifuthi Pearl Shongwe.

“She passed away in her sleep,” read the statement from the family.

During a memorial service held at the SABC’s Auckland Park offices on Wednesday, November 16, family, friends and colleagues reflected on the life and legacy of Shongwe.

“In many of our lengthy conversations, she’d speak about her dreams and aspirations… she also spoke about what people meant to her,” said Shongwe’s best friend and fellow Metro FM presenter Marian Nyako-Lartey.

“Pearl encourages people. She didn’t have to know you to encourage you. She didn’t have to know you to love you – whenever she could and to her best (of her ability) she gave all of herself.

Nyako-Lartey spoke about Shongwe’s passion for radio.

“This microphone I’m holding right now – it’s so difficult holding it because it’s what is connected together.

“This wasn’t just a job for Pearl – it was love. It was a way of communicating her numerous love languages. It was a way to touch people that she knew she couldn’t touch… she had this microphone, this medium, the broadcast medium.

“What I would like to leave with you is love. It’s what Pearl stood for: love, honesty, integrity and consistency. You could never fault her work – it was excellent.

“When Pearl spoke, she didn’t just speak. She was extremely well read. So she spoke with intent. She spoke with love. She spoke either to make a difference in your life or to encourage you.

Fellow news anchor and friend Kgopedi Lilokoe, who was MC at the memorial service, urged South Africans to take a page from Shongwe’s book of life and live their lives to the fullest.

“None of us are getting out of this life alive. So we live. Live authentically so, said Lilokoe.

“Make your mistakes. Forgive yourself. Love the people you claim to. And lessen the nonsense in your life. Say things you mean, and mean things you say, because one day we will talk about you as ‘the late’.

“Don't concern yourself too much about what we would say. Do everyone a favour and live. Most importantly, do yourself that favour and live.”

The family have confirmed Shongwe’s funeral will be held in Diepkloof extension 5 on Saturday, November 19, at 6.30am. It will then proceed to the Diepkloof Comprehensive Welfare Centre, where the full service will be held from 8am.

Shongwe will then be laid to rest at Nasrec Memorial Park.

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