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Octotel gives back to the community through its Christmas Gift Drive

The joy of the festive season came early for learners at two Western Cape schools when Octotels’ Christmas Drive paid them a visit with special gift boxes just for them.

Christmas is a luxury that some families cannot afford; but by collecting and distributing these gift donations, Octotel ensured that children with less means had something to open on Christmas morning. In anticipation of receiving their Christmas gifts from Octotel, the pupils lined up with excitement. The gift box items included a toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, face cloth and some sweet treats.

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“We would like to express our deep gratitude for the stationery packs and gift bags that you generously provided for our learners here at Janet’s Junction. For our learners, the stationery items are like a mandatory tool kit without which they can not get through the entire learning process. Even though these gifts will not seem like much, they will make them feel special and will give them the opportunity to prepare with the basic necessities for the new year,” said Jacqui Pember, the facilitator at Janet’s Junction.

The learners of Nompumelelo Special School in Gugulethu lined up with excitement in anticipation of receiving their Christmas gifts from Octotel.

This is a remarkable initiative that Octotel is extremely proud of, particularly in light of the current cost of living crisis that affects many families and their ability to enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

“On behalf of Nompumelelo Special School, we would like to say a big thank you to Octotel for providing our students with Christmas gifts this year. Being an educational institution that caters to children with disabilities is no small feat, and receiving donations is not something we see every day. For that, we are incredibly grateful, and we are looking forward to future partnerships with Octotel,” said the principal of Nompumelelo Special School.

“Janet’s Junction in Phoenix and Nompumelelo Special School in Gugulethu are just two of the organisations we chose to start our Christmas Gift Drive with. In 2023, we anticipate expanding this project even further. All those who have the means to contribute are encouraged to participate in the movement for change, because that is how we connect at Octotel,” said Haydricks.

As part of Octotel’s social responsibility initiatives, the company also runs a schools sponsorship programme, which has made contributions to numerous schools across the Western Cape since it began, ensuring that all children have access to digital learning opportunities.

Even though Octotel’s efforts may not move the needle much, they certainly will have a significant impact on the lives of these children.

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