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No Nut November: Are there any advantages to abstaining from masturbation for a month?

No Nut November: Are there any advantages to abstaining from masturbation for a month?

Masturbation has been demonstrated to relax muscles, promote sleep, release endorphins, lessen tension, and aid in understanding one's own sexual reactions.

Additionally, there is certainly no chance of STIs or pregnancy.

So why would someone decide to forego masturbating for such a long time?

The origin of "No Nut November," as it is often known, may be attributed to a chance article in the Urban Dictionary in 2011. Over time, it acquired popularity on Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and TikTok.

Now it's been appropriated by some well-intentioned organisations fighting porn addiction, like NoFap, and other far-right organisations that demand total abstinence from masturbation.

But in essence, No Nut November refers to a task someone has set for themselves to refrain from masturbating for the entire month of November. Despite the fact that mostly guys participate, everyone is welcome.

As seen on the No Nut November subreddit, it's for folks "who find it impossible to spend even a few days without playing tug of war with the cyclops" to try to "go the entire month without making the bald guy cry”. It's as arbitrary as trends like “No Shave November."

On No Nut November, there's a recurring joke about how, once you get to a certain point, you'll be able to levitate and develop psychic abilities.

And it is essentially the underlying concept of memes about No Nut. However, there are some misconceptions, particularly about men's self-control, that still remain.

Much like the Chinese Zhou dynasty's belief in the pinyin energy form of energy. The term "energetic suicide" refers to the reduction of jing, or sexual energy, each time a person ejaculates.

And among some contemporary Taoist practitioners, the notion that when you cum, you're essentially haemorrhaging life force is still present.

Although there are hints of this concept among the NoFap movement, "these are actually moral arguments, not medical ones," as was stated on Psychology Today. The statements are supported by anecdotes rather than scientific evidence.

As per Dr Lauren Rosewarne, senior lecturer at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, the No Nut message isn't fully healthy and that men need to masturbate for health reasons, including "to clear up the prostate."

Dr Lauren further noted that there are still competing schools of thought on pre-sportsturbation, even within the sporting community.

Some top athletes believe that masturbating prior to competition might improve their performance, while others believe that holding out will result in a testosterone boost.

But as she notes, the research seems to indicate that masturbating has no effect on testosterone levels.

In contrast, Lochlan Watt, the host of the YouTube channel The Racket, stated to his followers on YouTube that he has "a heightened kind of clarity and energy as well as a better sex life" when he is holding out.

After a while, you definitely start to feel like you're flying on a level above, though I wouldn't say you feel like a superhero, he says. "I believe that feeling in control and empowered may contribute to some of it. Additionally, having that stored up tension and energy in your balls somehow keeps you alert, he adds in the video.

Every form of sexual abstinence will always have a puritanical tone. For both men and women, at least up until recently, masturbating has been considered very taboo, according to clinical psychologist and sex therapist Gemma Cribb.

Society picks up the shame, but that is just, like, society's perspective, bro. It can be unlearned.

According to Dr Lauren, "If you are someone who has had a court order to stop masturbating, that's a different matter. We can go nuts, literally, because the majority of us don't actually do it in unsafe or unlawful environments.

Essentially, refraining from masturbation for an extended period of time has no discernible medical benefits for either men or women.

Finally, we advise you to exercise body autonomy and to behave as you wish. However, you should think twice before participating in No Nut November if you do it out of embarrassment, because you believe you can lift a car, or because you believe semen is a limited resource that needs to be protected.

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