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Mzansi reacts to Podcast and Chill’s attempt to tout the DA

Sol Phenduka and MacG. Picture: Instagram

In a video clip which has since been pinned to the top of the DA’s Twitter handle, Mac G – one of the show’s hosts – asks his co-host Sol Phenduka if it is time to “give the DA a chance”.

The segment was viewed over 100 000 times.

Mac G goes on to say: “Don’t you think the infrastructure would be better in the whole country? Don’t you think the quality of life would be better?

“The DA, if they would be in power, then we wouldn’t have things like load shedding. Our infrastructure would be better, our roads would work. Things would work,” MacG said in the video, which is evidently cut to a certain point.

But the country was divided over his sentiments, with some social media saying he should stick to asking celebrities questions about their sex lives instead.

Twitter user Trevor Kamoto said: “The same DA that wants beggars to pay rent in Cape Town? The same DA that has cancelled free services for the poor & elderly in Ekurhuleni? The same DA pushing for privatisation of energy beyond the reach of ordinary SAns? Are you talking about THAT DA.”

One user said that the DA is “quite capable” but doubts the party because of Helen Zille’s alleged racist antics.

“We do recognise that contribution as black people and know for a fact that the DA is quite capable. The problem is people like Hello Zille who are publicly racist. Now we cannot accept it unfortunately,” said Bayanda Gumede.

One user commented on the quality of life in Cape Town, suggesting it was safer than other cities across the country.

“Just come here to Cape Town, you can go to any ATM in town without fear of getting robbed. You can answer a call anywhere and you can carry a laptop anywhere; there’s security everywhere without police. Taxi rank has its own security. This is like another country in SA,” said user Phastarico.

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