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Meghan Cremer murder accused ‘just wanted to have a good time’

Meghan Cremer murder accused ‘just wanted to have a good time’

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Cape Town – Jeremy Sias, the man accused of killing Meghan Cremer and taking her lifeless body for a joyride while she lay dead in the boot of her white Toyota, on Wednesday admitted that all he wanted to do on August 3, 2019 was to have a good time.

State advocate Emily van Wyk was visibly frustrated as she questioned Sias, accusing him of changing his version of events and avoiding her questions.

Earlier in the trial, the State attempted to hand in a statement made by Sias following his arrest but this would be ruled inadmissible due to the rank of the police official who recorded it.

It has since been revealed in video footage evidence handed in to the court, that the man from Egoli informal settlement said on camera that he committed a murder and broke down in tears after pointing out where he dumped Cremer’s remains, five days after she went missing.

Sias fixed his eyes to the ceiling while he listened to advocate Van Wyk’s questions. He looked at the judge when he answered questions in Afrikaans and would occasionally pause and raise his brow before answering.

Meghan Cremer murder accused ‘just wanted to have a good time’
State advocate Emily Van Wyk. Picture: Rafieka Williams

His face beamed when he spoke of his relationship with the Vaderlandsche Rietvlei farm owners. Van Wyk had asked him about an incident where he was fired but returned to work a month later.

He said: “There were times when I was mischievous, but I knew they would take me back.”

He said he was familiar with the farm and the people who worked there and knew Cremer as a “friendly” person who always greeted people. Sias testified Cremer had often asked him to cut grass as part of his general duties.

On the day Cremer was killed, he was working on the farm and left when he was done. He went to a shebeen and had five or six beers. He said he returned at about 8pm when he realised he had forgotten to take his dog’s food, which he had stored on the premises earlier that day.

When he returned, he found a car parked outside the gates of the farm. He said he thought people were having sex on “lover’s lane”, as the spot was known for this.

He went closer, didn’t see anyone in the car but noticed the key in the ignition and in that moment decided to take it for a ride.

He said he checked the car to see if he could find any items of value and found a bag under the passenger’s seat with bank cards, an ID card and phones, admitting he knew it was Cremer’s.

Asked why he didn’t take the car back with the items or report the car, he said: “I decided I would put it back when I’m done with my rounds.”

When advocate Van Wyk put it to him: “It seems you didn’t have any regard for anyone’s property, all you wanted to do that night was have a good time”, Sias replied: “Correct.”

The trial continues.

Meghan Cremer murder accused ‘just wanted to have a good time’
Jeremy Sias, 29, has been charged with four counts of murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, theft and defeating the administration of justice. Picture: Rafieka Williams/Cape Argus


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