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Mangosuthu Buthelezi irked as Indonsa Yesizwe think tank digs in heels over Anglican rituals on Zulu king

Mangosuthu Buthelezi irked as Indonsa Yesizwe think tank digs in heels over Anglican rituals on Zulu king

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Durban – Inkosi Mangosuthu Mangosuthu has expressed his dismay at the Indonsa Yesizwe think tank over its refusal to retract its statement about the Anglican ritual which was performed on King Misuzulu during his coronation over the weekend.

Following the ritual on Saturday at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban, Professor Musa Xulu, the founder of the think tank which focuses on Zulu cultural and prestige preservation, said the ritual was degrading and akin to an attempt to recolonise the Zulu nation.

The ritual which drew the rebuke of the Anglican Church was performed by Archibishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town.

Makgoba had to put a ring on the king, saying it was a covenant between him and God to serve the people with diligence and honesty.

He also anointed the king with oil on his head, angering some Zulu traditionalists who said no man should touch the king on the head.

Video: African News Agency (ANA)

On Tuesday, Buthelezi, the Zulu monarch’s traditional prime minister, clarified the matter, saying there was nothing wrong with the Anglican ritual as the king was a Christian.

He also said the king gave full consent for the ritual, thus dismissing allegations that he was ambushed.

He then called on Xulu and the think tank to retract their statement and apologise to the church and the king.

However, Xulu is still digging in, thus angering Buthelezi who on Thursday said he was disappointed with that.

“He has made no apology to his majesty the king for questioning his majesty’s decision to have the Archbishop of Cape Town preside over a Christian service at the handing-over ceremony.

“Surely it is the king’s prerogative to decide on the format of his own ceremony. I cannot understand Prof Xulu continuing to question the king’s decision.

“As I have stated, his majesty asked me to arrange the archbishop’s presence and facilitate the church’s role.

“In doing so, I was performing my duty to the king and fulfilling the king’s wishes. If Prof Xulu insists on condemning the role played by the church in this ceremony, I would prefer that he speak to me directly, as the blame for whatever he is unhappy with falls on my shoulders.

"I understand from what he has publicly said that Prof Xulu questions the significance of the ring which his majesty received. This is a symbol of the bond between the king and his people.

“The oil of anointing, which he has also questioned, has pre-eminent precedence in the Christian faith as can be seen in scripture, notably in 1 Samuel chapter 16,” Buthelezi said in a statement on Thursday.

In response to Buthelezi’s latest statement, Xulu said South Africa should welcome diversity in thinking as that is healthy for a democracy.

"South Africa does need diversity of thought. It is good for strengthening our democracy. At the moment I am trying to comprehend the problem."


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