Home News Macassar residents want Eskom to fix persisting power challenges in the area

Macassar residents want Eskom to fix persisting power challenges in the area

Macassar residents want Eskom to fix persisting power challenges in the area

Cape Town – The Macassar community’s woes with Eskom are from from over. This time, the community has started a petition after being forced to endure extended periods of darkness, again.

The community said recently, after each load shedding cycle of four hours, they experienced additional power outages for another two or more hours. A legal gathering at the offices of Eskom is imminent, they said.

The community had borne the brunt of Eskom power outages prior to the recent load shedding where earlier this month, parts of the area were plunged into darkness for three days when a contractor struck a cable supplying the Macassar area with power.

Ward councillor Peter Helfrich said last week one area was without electricity for more than 24 hours, another for 12 hours, and on Monday the area was without electricity for seven hours, which was followed by another four hours of load shedding later that day.

Helfrich said the ward was experiencing, first-hand, Eskom's collapse which he said was uncomfortable and unacceptable.

Community leader Christiaan Steward said numerous emails and requests for meetings with the Eskom management remained unanswered.

“It's frustrating how Eskom is treating us, and how the failure and outages are taking place in Ward 109. These things cannot continue, especially because it’s only Macassar and the neighbouring area are spared. We need Eskom to come out for a public meeting so that we can deal with the issues.

“Most residents do not have alternative forms of ensuring that their appliances continue working. Some have reported that their appliances are no longer working and their food had rotten. The worry now is who will take responsibility for all these damages that we have suffered,” he said.

Eskom said it was aware of the concerns of the Macassar community regarding the constant electricity supply issues experienced in the area over the past few months.

The power utility said it had seen a surge in theft and vandalism of equipment in recent months in the area that led to numerous unplanned power cuts.

“There are internal discussions regarding the provision of customer relations personnel at the Somerset West CNC, and a decision will soon be made and communicated to the affected customer,” said Eskom.

It said an appeal was made to community leaders to address the issues, with a community engagement expected early next month.


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