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Lost in translation? Mzansi in stitches after Afrikaans boyfriend plays classical piano song when his girlfriend asks for amapiano

If ever there was a “lost in translation” case, then this would undoubtedly be it.

When a girl asked her Afrikaans boyfriend to switch the music he was playing to amapiano, she clearly didn’t expect the response she got.

With over 520k views, a TikTok video posted by @mandeeznut has gone viral showing the interracial couple on a road trip listening to music.

However, when she asks her boyfriend to switch the music to the popular South African music genre, amapiano, he changes the music to classical piano music instead.

In the video, you see her boyfriend driving when she asks “Sebastian please may you play amapiano?”

To which he response in Afrikaans, “askies” meaning excuse me in English.

She once again asks him, but this time in Afrikaans, “Sebastian kan jy asseblief amapiano speel” (Sebastian can you please play amapiano) to which he responds “Ja” (yes).

He then stops the music that was playing and changes it to what she was hoping was going to be amapiano, but instead he started playing a classical piano piece, saying: “dis my favourite amapiano” to which she responds “same” “dankie”, but her facial expression quickly changes as she stares out the window in silence.

@mandeeznut road tripping to @kedarlodge for a little getaway #tiktoksa #tiktoksouthafrica #lodge #kedar #kedarlodge ♬ original sound – mandi

Of course, viewers found this major misunderstanding hilarious and had Mzansi in stitches.

With over 1 000 comments one viewer said: “the way my mouth is still wide open in shock”, while another commented: “literally on the floor”.

Others couldn’t help but comment on her facial expression saying, “that look of pain at the end went well with the music”, while another said, “you look like you were holding back tears at the end there.”