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Lira is back on the mend and shares her joy of flying again

Lira is back on the mend and shares her joy of flying again

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Multi-award-winning singer and songwriter Lira is back on the mend and was excited to share the latest achievement on her road to recovery.

Lira took to Instagram to tell followers that she flew on a plane again after seven months and was on a staycation in Qhebeqa (formerly Port Elizabeth).

The songstress posted a scenic video of herself on a boat cruising down the calm canal in St Francis.

She captioned her video: “First time I have been on a plane in 7 months, and I chose to go to St Francis in Qhebeqa, Port Elizabeth. Here I’m on the canal cruise – it’s truly beautiful. They have exquisite restaurants – the food there is quite awesome. #stfrancisbay #stfrancis”

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In May this year, Lira suffered a stroke, which resulted in her loss of speech, while she was in Germany, where she was scheduled to perform.

She educated fans and followers about her condition when she shared it in a recent post. She confirmed that she was diagnosed with Aphasia, a language disorder caused by damage in a specific area of the brain that controls language expression and comprehension. aphasia leaves a person unable to communicate effectively with others. Many people have aphasia as a result of stroke.

Followers were chuffed to see the star making a full recovery and commented on her post:

bridgetmasinga wrote: “Beautiful to see you back doing things you love 😍😍♥️”

ownhouseheidi7 wrote: “I’m so happy you better prayed for you God is faithful father ❤️❤️❤️”

baks_kgole wrote: “Great seeing you again. You are loved 🙌we prayed and God showed up!”

konkemabu wrote: “And I was so sure you were in Venice or France… Our country is indeed really breathtaking😍”

sharonannburger_art wrote: “Bless you with deepest peace and joy in our Lord..more songs of joy, peace touching heaven an hearts on earth.”

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