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Latest TikTok trend called quiet quitting is one way to rebel against corporate culture

The millennial hustle culture is over, at least according to TikTok, as workers reduce their work efforts to avoid burn-out. The new trend of quiet quitting has generated more than 3.9 million video views on TikTok.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, the top three reasons why Americans leave their jobs are inadequate income, a lack of promotion chances, and feeling disrespected at work.

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A downward shift between 2020 and 2021 marked the first annual decline in engagement in over a decade, according to research.

What is quiet quitting?

Simply put, quiet quitting is carrying out the duties for which you get compensated for. The employees do the bare minimum instead of quitting completely.

Leaving as soon as the clock strikes five, ceasing to answer messages received after office hours or over-analysing communications from your supervisor are a few examples.

The idea that your work shouldn’t be your sole or even main concern is embodied in the philosophy of quitting your job, which may be based on the thought that we are working to live instead of living. The hustler culture and burn-out are only a small part of life.

TikToker Allison Peck, a career coach with more than 400 000 followers, said: “People aren’t going above and beyond – they’re not bending over backwards for their employers any more and sacrificing their mental and physical health.”

Another user said it’s something that can teach people about setting healthy boundaries.


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We have all been witness to healthcare experts who have been telling us for years to take better care of ourselves: eat healthier, exercise more, sleep eight hours a day and take mental health breaks.

Yet, somehow, many of us still struggle with that concept and end up operating on

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