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July unrest a ploy to shield perpetrators of state capture, corruption – ANC report

ANC task team head on state capture Jeff Radebe. Picture: Africa News Agency (ANA)

This view is expressed in the ANC national executive committee (NEC) document on corruption and state capture to be presented to the party’s national policy conference this weekend.

The ANC wants its branches to discuss the document and find measures to fight against any state capture in the future.

Yesterday ANC task team head on state capture Jeff Radebe agreed with the Zondo Commission’s findings that some of the senior party leaders had colluded with the Guptas to weaken the state and their organisation.

The report states that: “The orchestrated acts of public violence and destruction in July 2021 need to be viewed in this context. It was a deliberate, but unsuccessful, effort to foment a popular insurrection against the democratic state and our constitutional order with the intention of shielding those responsible for wrongdoing from accountability.”

The report also said that the Zondo Commission made critical findings about the democratic government, Parliament, public entities and indeed about the ANC.

“We may find some of the observations and findings unsettling and there may be some assessments that we disagree with, but we must engage honestly and openly with all aspects of the commission’s report. As the ANC, we must see it as another opportunity to identify our weaknesses and shortcomings and take the necessary steps to address them.”

Branches and members are also urged to read the entire Zondo Commission report.

Now, the ANC wants its internal Integrity Commission to act against all those implicated.

The position of the ANC on leaders and members who have committed acts of corruption or other crimes are clear. Their actions are a direct violation, not only of the laws of the land, but also of the ANC constitution, its values and principles, and the resolutions and decisions of the ANC’s constitutional structures.

Such members must face the full legal consequences of their actions. They cannot rely on the ANC for support or protection, nor may they appeal to the principle of collective responsibility. In accounting for their actions, they stand alone.

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