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Julianne Moore drinks chlorophyll water to benefit her skin


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The 61-year-old actress was once told that the plant-based pigment was “really good” for skincare and has started each day with two large glasses of water first thing every morning for several years.

She said: “I’m not a morning person. I’m a middle person. I realised recently that my ideal sleep cycle is from midnight to 8. When I can do that, I feel fantastic. The first thing I do is drink two big glasses of water with chlorophyll in it. Someone told me a long time ago that it was really good for your skin, so I’ve always done it. I also like to take a bath in the morning and at night, with two whole cups of Epsom salts. In the morning it’s a really, really short one, but it helps wake me up, believe it or not.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Nine Months’ star, who is married to


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