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J’Something says his new mixtape is a culmination of songs by artists he admires

J’Something says his new mixtape is a culmination of songs by artists he admires

Many artists were their most creative during the Covid-19 lockdown, including Mi Casa’s frontman J’Something.

The musical genius found himself gathering inspiration from some of his favourite artists, who have impacted his life, to create a mixtape that he calls his “Indoor Project”.

The project came into being after J’Something read a newspaper headline in 2020, which left him broken.

“The ‘Indoor Project’ is a project I created during lockdown. It’s a culmination of songs that have impacted me and by artists I admire,” he said.

“Right at the beginning of lockdown there was a newspaper headline that said entertainment was the most non-essential (sector). That really broke me. I believe so much in the power that music has, for others and for oneself.

“So I decided to heal through being in the studio at home and recreating some of my favourite songs in a way that I hear them.”

The 10-track mixtape features renditions like Stimela’s “Zwakala”, which J’Something admitted was his favourite of the lot.

“I feel like I added something completely new to such an iconic song. I was nervous as hell approaching this song. I got to perform “Zwakala” with the legendary Ray Phiri so recreating this song means a lot to me,“ said the ”Jika” hitmaker.

J’Something is known in the entertainment industry for a slew of undeniable music hits and for constantly reshaping musical culture. He said while he could have gone on to create many more songs, he opted for restraint.

“There are a total of 10 tracks on this project, honestly I could have had 20 but I had to exercise some discipline,” said the South Africa Music Awards winner.

“They not necessarily the most popular songs in the world and most certainly not the most current songs but they songs that have a place in my life and a story or special memory attached to each.

“They were chosen organically as I explored music and its power to heal during a very difficult time.”

While the mixtape was created by him, he said it was “definitely not“ his ”solo“ offering.

The frontman was recently in Cape Town as part of his “Indoor Tour” and will visit Durban this weekend and Johannesburg thereafter, to share the project with his fans.

“This is just a project I created that I really wanted to share with people. The live show is everything. It’s a story about an artist during lockdown. It’s a one man theatre that I wrote and all this is me expressing myself and living a dream,” he said.

Judging from the response from the Cape Town concert, fans can expect a show “unlike anything else they have ever seen".

“It’s really a very vulnerable window into my life and my heart using music and poetry to tell a story that will without a doubt have an impact,” J’Something said.

The artist, who also recently performed at the Eat Out Awards, said he was beyond excited to be be on stage with fans.

“People have been so generous with their energy and love. It’s very refreshing and honestly such a blessing,” he said.

“Whenever I get such an opportunity it’s just to say thank you. Thank you for loving me, my band, and taking interest in my life. I feel really blessed by you and I want you to know that.”

Currently, the "Mamela“ hitmaker is under doctor’s orders to rest, but promised that the Durban show will still go on at the iZulu Theatre, Durban on Friday, November 25.

“Doctor says it’s fatigue. Needing a little rest. This year has been an intense one, but I’m resting up,” he said.

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