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It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa

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Camping has been a part of many childhood and adult life. It’s time for families to spend quality time, creating a space to bond.

This could even be done by pitching the tent together and overcoming challenges away from day-to-day life.

No matter the season, SA has camping sites for you and your family to enjoy throughout the years.

Tietiesbaai Beach Camp, West Coast

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa
Picture:Miro Alt /Pexels

The West Coast is one of South Africa’s treasures; if you’re eager to camp by the sea, Tietiesbaai Beach is the perfect spot for you to pitch that tent. The camp-site allows campers to choose how and where they’d like to set up. For example, there are camp sites for those who prefer a little more privacy away from the crowd.

There are 60 caravanning and tenting sites available, giving you the opportunity to switch off from the world.

Beaverlac Camping, Cederberg

This camp-site is just two hours from the Mother City, making it the perfect, quick getaway for Capetonians. Not only can you have your family join in on the fun, but your pets can join the adventure with you this time.

Beaverlac is popular for its hiking trails while you soak up the sun and fresh air. For those who are up for a more advanced experience, you can go mountain biking in the beautiful scenic mountain bike trail.

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa
Picture: keren ortega/Pexels

And, of course, a one-day of hiking on the leopard hiking trail can be tiring, but you can cool off in the rock pools and waterfalls along your journey. There are also numerous caves to explore, offering great rock art sightings, a whole experience on one spectacular camp site.

The camp-site includes braai facilities, hot water, and even a store to stock up on some snacks and necessities.

Kwaas se Baai camp-site, Namaqualand.

The title says it all; another gem on the West coast, Namaqua National Park, is the perfect spot for epic views, bringing you that cosy vibe near the white sandy shores. The kids will love the wildlife, where they might just spot the smallest tortoise on earth.

According to the wanderlust movement: ‘’Camping can have direct, positive impacts on children’s development. Camping introduces children to a whole new world and asks of them an ability to overcome new problems and challenges.’’

It's a good way to keep children's brains active away from the screens while exploring nature.

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa
Picture: cottonbro/Pexels

Mvubu Camp-site, Addo Elephant National Park

Imagine camping in an elephant park. Addo Elephant National Park is a small and cosy camp site for families looking to enjoy the wildlife in 3D. You can enjoy swimming, self-drives, and hikes all on one camp site. Not only will you see elephants but also hippos, ostrich and many other animals.

It is noted that the park is home to other family members of the big 5; rhinos, lions and even leopards, and buffaloes.

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa
Picture: Rachel Claire/Pexels

Mac Nicol's, Bazley Beach, KwaZulu-Natal

This camp-site may seem more advanced than the rest, with its liquor store and laundry facilities, but it doesn’t take away the natural aspect of the camp-site. It's perfect for small and big families with over 149 camp-sites.

There are various activities and entertainment to enjoy. They even host weekly bring and braai’s, which, over the years, became a tradition in South Africa. There are also golf courses and a private beach to lay under the sun and dip in the ocean without it being too crowded.

Dinokeng Camping and Fishing, Gauteng

Fishing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but If you are looking for the combo of both camping and fishing, Dinokeng in Gauteng is a good camping site for the family. You will have a view of the Roodeplat Dam, and the area is perfect for a picnic, whether you’re with the entire family or looking for some quality time with your partner.

Outdoors Geek article said: ‘’Fishing is one of those activities that can be just as rewarding when done alone or with family and friends. If you decide to go alone, you will have ample opportunity to reflect, which is always gratifying.’’

Often, we find ourselves talking and getting to know someone on a deeper level through activities such as this.

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa
Picture: Kathryn Archibald/pexels

Bush Willow Tented Camp, Gauteng

Nestled between the Zwartkop Mountains and Blaauwbank River lies Bush Willow Tented Camp offers a unique walk-in tent experience. Families can enjoy African sunsets, and melted marsh mellows on the Boma fire. Activities include hiking on the Zwartklop mountain and even fishing.

The original website states: ‘’Bush Willow Tented Camp are all within easy access (approx. 10km) from Maropeng where Homo Naledi, a new species of human relative, has been was discovered in a cave in The Cradle of Humankind, South Africa.’’

Wolfkop Camping Villages, Western Cape

Wolfkop Camping Villages is situated close to Citrusdal in the Cederberg, on the banks of the Olifants River. This camping site is perfect for families as there is so much to explore. You can float down a river, soaking up the sun, and hear the sounds that nature provides; pure bliss.

The adventure never stops: activities include canoeing, floating on body-boards, fishing, guided tours and hikes, horse-riding, and guided mountain-biking, as well as 4×4 trails. The adults can enjoy the finer things, such as tastings on offer for teas, gins and wine from the area.

It’s time to pitch that tent: Camping sites to visit in South Africa
Picture: Uriel Castellanos/Pexels

Sometimes, for time away from the noisy city and day-to-day stress, camping could be the best option and has many benefits to it, mentally, emotionally and physically. Whether you choose to go alone, as a couple, or as a family, make it a priority to set aside time to enjoy nature and the benefits that come with camping.

Studies reveal that being in nature and the outdoors provides opportunities for good physical health and overall happiness. It also reduces depression, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

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