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Is it healthy to consume papaya seeds to treat parasites?

The majority of intestinal parasite cases occur in poor nations, and can lead to serious sickness.

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Even though it’s extremely rare, it makes sense that you would want to look into a hack if you heard of one that could assist you if you have a parasite.

People have been eating papaya seeds to try to get rid of intestinal parasites in their digestive systems, according to TikTok users.

Although eating papaya seeds to try to remove parasitic worms may sound bizarre, this isn’t entirely unheard of. Here’s everything you need to know, along with the advice of experts: don’t do this at home.

Experts advise against it. Amesh A. Adalja, MD, a prominent researcher and specialist in infectious diseases, indicated that this treatment has not been demonstrated to be beneficial outside of a clinical trial context.

There is evidence that “some foods may contain substances that have the potential to kill specific parasites and trigger their expulsion from your body, but there is no conclusive evidence to indicate you should change your diet to make it anti-parasitic,” said Dr Adaja.

Additionally, it should be remembered that intestinal parasite development is quite rare. According to infectious disease expert and professor William Schaffner, MD, “the average – or not-so-average – person doesn’t have any parasites.”

The notion of consuming papaya seeds to eliminate a hypothetical intestinal parasite was referred to by Dr Schaffner as “a cure for an ailment which does not exist.” The doctor said, “I would not support this.”

While there is a lot of entirely fictitious health information on TikTok, this one has some scientific foundation. Papaya seeds may eliminate some types of parasites, according to research – but the study is not reliable.

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A group of 326 African children were fed porridge for lunch at school using corn flour enriched with powdered papaya seeds in a research that was published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies.

The papaya seed porridge reduced the amount of parasites in the kids’ stools by 63.9% after two months.

The researchers came to the conclusion that papaya seed was effective in lowering one kind of parasite in kids.

But experts believe the TikTok myth that papaya seeds may heal intestinal parasites is incorrect since the scientific evidence is scant.

Effects of papaya seeds consumption

While it is technically possible to consume papaya seeds, it is debatable whether you should do so to treat intestinal parasites.

Gina Keatley, a professional dietician, claims that it is possible to feel ill after consuming papaya seeds.

“Actually, this has no nutritional benefit at all. Your body won’t be able to access any nutrients other than insoluble fibre by swallowing the seeds whole,” according to Keatley.

Intestinal parasite symptoms

In case you do have an intestinal parasite like the tapeworm, you will encounter these symptoms: stomach discomfort, weakness, lack of appetite, nausea, dizziness, and a loss of appetite

Dr Schaffner was dubious about reports of parasites in people’s stools that were made on TikTok, explaining that a layperson cannot at a glance at their faeces conclude that it has parasites. “That is a well-known misconception.”

Dr Schaffner noted that an intestinal worm known as an ascaris is the exception. They are unmistakable, according to Dr Schaffner, and are as big as your pinky.

The best course of action if you are worried about intestinal parasites is to visit your doctor who will conduct tests, including an analysis of your faeces.

The majority of infectious disease specialists have treated patients who believed they had intestinal parasites but didn’t, according to Dr. Adalja.

Dr Adalja said that if you do have an intestinal parasite, it should be treated with an anti-worm drug rather than papaya seeds.

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