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IOL MONEY: The holiday edition

IOL MONEY: The holiday edition

It’s the end of the year and time to chill and enjoy festive times with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy while relaxing after a hard year’s labour to let your guard down regarding your personal safety, finances and property.

You may splurge more than you budgeted for on gifts, ratcheting up your credit card debt. You may be more carefree in your driving habits, or worse, get behind the wheel after imbibing too much alcohol, putting the lives of you and your close ones in danger. Or you may drop your guard when transacting online or punching your PIN into an ATM.

And even if you’re careful, others may not be quite so careful, while yet other, darker beings may actively take advantage of the holiday atmosphere to rob or defraud you.

So, while you are putting your feet up, why not dive into the December holiday edition of IOL MONEY for tips on how best to manage and protect your finances over the festive season?

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