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Investing in Cryptocurrency in South Africa

Investing in Cryptocurrency in South Africa

EasyCrypto, a South African crypto investment platform, has answered the call for a trusted, safe and easy way for South Africans to enter the crypto investment market.

With multinational conglomerates such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, MasterCard, PayPal, Tesla and many more publicly announcing their involvement in the crypto space, investment in the crypto industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with subsequent institutional adoption in South Africa gaining traction.

The FSCA formally declared crypto a financial product in South Africa in October 2022. The move marks a new phase in regulating the crypto market, making it easier for authorities to monitor the market and protect consumers. EasyCrypto is poised to take advantage of that.

EasyCrypto is a FIC registered company acting as an accountable institution that filed for preliminary FSCA registration compliance in 2021. As a subsidiary of the JSE listed Purple Group ("Easy Equities"), EasyCrypto will act as a juristic representative once regulation of the sector becomes sanctioned in 2023.

EasyCrypto allows investors to create or expand their portfolios with individual cryptocurrencies or bundles. By harnessing a secure custody solution through BitGo, and running its day-to-day crypto operations through Fireblocks, the EasyCrypto platform ensures the highest level of digital security.

EasyCrypto's intuitive and user-friendly website provides a platform to view holdings and track investments in one place. Investors can trade, deposit or withdraw anytime, and manage their funds with a full view of their transaction history.

EasyCrypto follows in the footsteps of EasyEquities.

That means no minimum investments or expensive monthly platform fees. No intimidating jargon or complicated tech. Once deposited, investors' funds will remain as a cash balance in ZAR until any individual crypto or bundle is purchased.

EasyCrypto provides multiple products for its investors.

The first is a range of 20 individual cryptocurrencies, and the second is the EC10 bundle.

The EC10 bundle employs a passive investment strategy that seeks to track the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation as a single financial product. Perfect for investors looking for exposure into crypto without the need and complexity of daily trading.

The fund's assets are held in deep cold storage with a regulated, insured custodian, BitGo and are audited annually. The underlying index — the EC10 Top 10 Crypto Index — has a public, formal methodology that includes eligibility rules meant to embrace best investment practices and screen critical risks regarding custody, liquidity, regulatory hurdles, and other concerns. Rebalancing and reconstitution of the EC10 bundle is implemented weekly.

With over 1.6 million South African investors under the EasyEquities banner, the EasyCrypto10 model is one of South Africa's top index-tracking instruments for crypto assets.

Sign up today at www.easycrypto.co.za and get trusted, safe and easy exposure to Crypto. www.easycrypto.co.za

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