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Introducing Jabra PanaCast 50 – the video conferencing pain problem solver

Introducing Jabra PanaCast 50 - the video conferencing pain problem solver

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While the audio-visual tech you had been using in your conference rooms pre-new-normal may have passed muster at the time, now that we’re all relying on video conferencing more, it’s likely affecting the quality of your meetings. Fortunately, Jabra has reached a whole new level of innovation with the PanaCast 50.

Sound that astounds

Sound quality is enhanced with eight professional-grade microphones and advanced beamforming technology which detects human voices, backed up with intelligent algorithms that remove disruptive noise. An array of four powerful Jabra-engineered speakers – two 50mm woofers and two 20mm tweeters in a zero-vibration stereo set-up ̶ fill the room with premium, high-definition audio, while the latest two-way audio technology delivers more natural conversations.

Fully immersive meetings for everyone

The Virtual Director uses both AI-based video and audio streams, as well as Jabra’s proprietary intelligent algorithms, to automatically adjust the frame according to what’s happening in the meeting and detect active speakers to deliver a remote meeting experience that’s fully immersive and responsive. At the same time, this intelligent software uses proprietary AI technology to understand what’s happening in the room and react accordingly, perfectly framing active speakers without cutting off the people around them.

The result is a meeting experience that’s been completely reinvented.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 makes remote collaboration more dynamic with a real human touch that enables colleagues to stay connected, no matter how physically separated they might be.

Click here to find out more about Jabra’s new normal video conferencing solutions


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