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‘Idols SA’ winner Thapelo Molomo says: ‘This win is for my young baby girl’

‘Idols SA’ winner Thapelo Molomo says: ‘This win is for my young baby girl’

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Winner of “Idols SA”, Thapelo Molomo, says sacrificing his family to pursue his dreams was worth it as he is now a million rand richer.

The 29-year-old psychologist, who works for the SAPS, says he became a father a month before “Idols SA” season 18 took his life by storm.

“Many people don’t know this but I have a five-month-old daughter, she was only a month old when I joined ‘Idols SA'.

“It was the hardest thing having to be separated from her, I just became a father and then had to leave for this whirlwind adventure, I did it for her, I wanted to achieve this dream for her.”

All honour and glory be unto God 😭😭😭😭. Family, we are officially crowned Idols SA winner of Season 18, 2022. All this is because of the mighty God we serve. We have seen his power and ability. Thank you family for all your votes and support throughout. I have seen your love pic.twitter.com/c81agZKcSN

— Thapelo (@Thapelo_molom) November 13, 2022

The single father said he has a co-parenting system with the mother of his daughter.

“I am single, I love my daughter and the baby mama, we are co-parenting.

“We have a very good understanding and communication system in place, we are doing good.”

Molomo, after graduating from the University of Venda in 2017, got an internship at SAPS with his psychology degree.

And then last year, he was made permanent in the SAPS Employee Health and Wellness (EHW) department in Brits, North West Province.

But the proud SAPS employee told IOL Entertainment that he won’t give up his day job for his newly-found fame.

“There’s no way I’m leaving SAPS now, I enjoy what I do and I love the people I work with. I will find a way to manage both my careers now, the juggle won't be an issue.”

Molomo says the fact that Police Minister Bheki Cele was in the audience at the finale shows what dedication SAPS has to each other.

“Minister Bheki Cele was at the finale and that showed the interest from SAPS for what I do, him coming here showed love.

“I used to juggle music and work so I'm used to it.”

The Limpopo-based winner also runs a private practice.

“I recently opened my own practice and for the duration of my years of work, I have a clientele and people who need me.

"I also opened my own practice.”

Molomo who has a passion for gospel music says its the first preference on his first album but he is open to new challenges of genres.

“I will be focusing on gospel and Afro soul music as that's my thing.

“I used to do small gigs as a backing vocalist for local artists.

“I have released music but it never worked out.

“I've been building myself before I came here and though I would love to focus on gospel music, I am also open to trying new genres and being versatile with my music.”

Molomo added: “When you enter ‘Idols SA’ come prepared, vocally, but above that, come emotionally ready because this is a big platform with a lot of pressure.

“You need to be emotionally fit so that when all the critiques come you will be able to handle it because we've seen people in the past get into the competition depressed or become depressed.

“Don't come with just your voice, be ready to handle the pressure.

“Have a teachable spirit, you might come with just a gospel interest but this is a pop space so you need to be able to learn and be taught to try new things.

“Don't come thinking you know it all, vocal coaches will ask you to dry different songs. It will pay out, well, it did with me.”

His dream is to one day perform with international musicians starting with Adele, Celine Dion, John Legend and Sam Smith.

Locally, he wants to perform with Pastor Benjamin Dube and Joyous Celebration.

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