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‘I had no option,’ says mum who dumped baby girl in Durban

‘I had no option,’ says mum who dumped baby girl in Durban

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Johannesburg – A three months old infant was found dumped with an apology note written by her mother, who explained in it that she had no choice after failing to get assistance from social services.

The baby was found abandoned nearby a stream, by a man who was picking mangoes at a soccer court in Dawncrest.

“I have spoke twice with social workers, they are delaying to assist, I know this looks bad but I had no option, the system is fragile and we cant even abort safely any more, hospitals have strict rules,” the mother said in her letter.

The letter which was handwritten in English expresses the writer’’s guilt and failed efforts to reach out to social workers, and further goes on to explain that how challenging getting an abortion has become in hospitals. The writer also pleads with whoever finds the baby to call the authorities.

The baby girl who is said to be in good health was also found with a bag with nappies, a bottle of milk and a pacifier left beside her.

According to the Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa), the man who made the discovery made contact with his employers who then called the members of Rusa to the scene.

On arrival, the reaction officers were shown the location where the baby was discovered before she and her belongings were handed over.

A female officer and medics were also present at the scene and assisted in changing the baby who had a soaked nappy and they also proceeded to feed the baby with the bottle of milk before she was examined and found to be in good health.

The writer of the letter is believed to be the mother of the child and a criminal case of child abandonment will be registered and Rusa officers will be seeking assistance to identify the child or mother.

Police had not commented.


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