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I can’t let him get away with this, says Moneoa after trauma caused by ex-lover

When she decided to be candid about the repulsive ordeal she had with her ex-lover Phiwe Maphanga, many people were taken aback by the abuse she had endured in the name of love.

It took the renowned musician Moneoa over five years to finally share how she allegedly got extorted and physically abused by Maphanga, who claimed to be an affluent businessman.

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In a post shared on Instagram, the music sensation revealed all the details about her past relationship which she claims weighed deeply on her.

In a live video on Instagram Moneoa claimed that her relationship started in 2017 and it was smooth sailing.

“We dated for about two years. At the beginning of the relationship, everything flowed really well. We were like a normal happy couple. He told me he was a property developer. He told me that he owned a couple of hotels and properties around Joburg, Cape Town and Eastern Cape. This was the first guy with money that I have ever dated. It was a nice relationship he drove really nice cars,”

She added that though they were in a relationship she was not permitted to go and see his apartment, something she found peculiar.

“Phiwe took my BMW and said he was going to fix it. So my BMW had a dent on the left side. So I let him take it. And I have (not) seen my BMW since. That was in 2017. It turns out that he gave it to his cousin.”

Moneoa further spoke about the physical abuse that she was subjected to while in the relationship with him which started with threats.

When it happened for the first time he said “You are pissing me off now and I will hit you.”

And the next thing, she was on the floor after being hit several times.

“At some point, he had his knees around my shoulders and his hands around my neck,” says Moneoa as she recalls abuse from her ex.

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