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From social media to YouTube, Musa Khawula has taken his trash-talk to the next level

From social media to YouTube, Musa Khawula has taken his trash-talk to the next level

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Controversial gossipmonger Musa Khawula is no longer spilling the tea on Twitter – he’s now kicked off a YouTube channel.

Khawula is well known for stirring the pot on Twitter with reports on some of Mzansi’s favourite celebrities, but after he recently posted DJ Lulo Cafe’s nudes his account was suspended when Twitter users reported him.

Now, Khawula is back and on a much stronger platform – YouTube. He has even taken a page out of the “queen of gossip” Wendy Williams’s book.

Khawula’s set is purple and he sits on a purple chair, just like Williams. He also copies one of her famous lines: “Come closer, get into this.”

As with his Twitter account, people are flocking to his YouTube channel, which already has 24.8k subscribers. His latest video, which was loaded just 15 hours ago, has 20k views.

Khawula is spilling the tea, unfiltered, expressing himself with more than just 280 characters.

He is certainly not mincing his words on his channel and has even asked TV and radio personality Moshe Ndiki to return his hair after the two had a brawl earlier this year and Ndiki pulled out his dreadlocks.

His beef with Lerato Kganyago is also far from over. In an episode Khawula verbally referred to her as “Bonang lite” and a “talentless woman”.

Khawula, who is out on bail in connection with the murder of Wandile Khambule, has sparked mixed reactions from the public with his YouTube channel.

“Musa Khawula’s content quality is on another level. You can’t help it but to watch the whole show unaware that time is flying. I hope he just stays safe,” said Tshikosi Phathutshedzo.

Celebrities and influencers may not be fans of Khawula, but it seems like other people are in support of his decision to spill the tea on his YouTube channel.

Musa Khawula ok 17k subscribers 💀💀 I thought y’all said he’s toxic

— DIAMOND (@_senz_y) November 13, 2022

@ontiretse27 said: “I’m sorry to inform you that Musa Khawula’s YouTube channel is going to blow up… gossip sells plus Musa doesn’t kheredam.”

@Sr_Incredible said: “The fact that Musa Khawula is now talking shit on camera with his chest, I’m afraid I have to stan 😭.”

@_bulo_m: “Ok so get Musa Khawula suspended on Twitter. Then go on you tube, record, and bring his content to twitter 😂. Ay”.

Musa Khawula’s YouTube channel… 4 days, 23.6k subscribers already. Your favorite YouTubbers were found shaking🙉

— ontiretse (@ontiretse27) November 16, 2022

Morals are dead at this age. I can't believe that murder Musa Khawula continues to destroy lives and getting glorified for it. Yi nonsense Musa should be in jail for murder and revenge porn not destroying more lives and bullying people he's garbage 🚮

— Bianca_GoldSA (@Bianca_gold_110) November 13, 2022

Eish technology kodwa, Musa Khawula was suspended from twitter and went on to open a YouTube account, but he is now trending back on twitter pic.twitter.com/BkU4tppGul

— Proff🕊️ (@PR0FFFF) November 13, 2022

So celebs and influencers were all vibes thinking that Musa Khawula is in jail for murder meanwhile he was quietly interior designing his YouTube channel studio 🤌🏾😭😭😭

— Tshepo Van Mohammed 🇦🇷 (@VanDerMohammed) November 13, 2022

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