Home News Foster mother accused of killing 9-month-old baby appears in court

Foster mother accused of killing 9-month-old baby appears in court

Foster mother accused of killing 9-month-old baby appears in court

Cape Town – The foster foster mother who has agreed to plead guilty to the murder of 9-monthold baby Caswell Joseph Frans (fondly referred to by his family as “CJ”) will return to the Western Cape High Court today after the matter was postponed for documentation to be finalised.

Priscilla Morris, 40, is charged with murder, child abuse and neglect after she was seen allegedly dragging little Caswell by the feet, throwing him to the floor, choking him with her hands, and throwing water in his face.

State advocate Evadne Kortje said she would need a day to finalise the documentation due to the volume of information contained in it.

While unable to give clarity as to what documents were being used for the purpose of the plea and sentence, advocate Kortje said she had again consulted with family of the victim and other residents earlier that day.

Two weeks ago, CJ’s family were elated at Morris’ impending admission of guilt. They have since been pushing for a life sentence as part of the plea and sentence agreement.

CJ was placed in the 40-year-old’s care in April last year, shortly after he was born. His mother, Candace Frans, had trusted Morris to care for the child until such time when she could resume responsibility.

Morris had agreed to take CJ in and was assigned a social worker from the Department of Social Development who had consulted with Morris on whether her home environment was fit for CJ.

Months later, on December 20, CJ’s remains were found in a shallow grave in Vrygrond. According to court documents, in July last year CJ was taken to Retreat Day Hospital where it was reported that he had a fractured arm.

“It also came to light that the deceased was malnourished and had contracted tuberculosis,” the indictment said.

Today the court will hear what progress the State has made in negotiating with Morris in determining a suitable prison time for killing a 9-month-old child.


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