Home Entertainment Documentary on the life of Johannes Kerkorrel, 20 years after his death

Documentary on the life of Johannes Kerkorrel, 20 years after his death

Documentary on the life of Johannes Kerkorrel, 20 years after his death

Fans of the Afrikaans muso and journalist Johannes Kerkorrel can tune into kykNET (DStv channel 144) for a specially compiled documentary on his life.

A tribute to the life and career of Kerkorrel will air on November 13 at 8.30pm.

Exactly 20 years after his alleged suicide death, his life story was captured by producer and director Neil van Deventer.

“Kerkorrel: 20 Jaar Later” takes a look at the impact he had on culture in South Africa, Afrikaans music and the reason why his music is still relevant 20 years later.

Van Deventer said: “While I was busy making a documentary on the life and music of Koos du Plessis, I listened to Kerkorrel’s recordings of Koos Doep’s songs.

“I realised that it has been 20 years since his death and even though there were tributes after his death, it didn’t look at the impact he had.

“I reached out to his son, Reuben, and met Waldimar Pelser, head of kykNET, in June and mentioned it to him.

“Waldimar saw the potential of the project and I am grateful that Palama Production could produce the documentary with kykNET’s support.”

Apart from relatives, Van Deventer also interviewed friends in the music industry including Amanda Strydom, Karen Meiring, Stef Bos and Valiant Swart, Willem Möller and Jannie Hanepoot van Tonder.

Kerkorrel’s band mates in the “Gereformeerde Blues Band”, are also part of the documentary.

Van Deventer said: “We had a long list of people that we wanted to talk to, but we only had an hour to fit it all in.

“In the end we spoke to people who were part of his life in different stages of his life and career.”

Van Deventer thinks Kerkorrel’s biggest heritage is that he planted a seed with Afrikaners to start asking questions.

“Some of our biggest heroes in the struggle for the truth have been journalists.

“That is also part of Kerkorrel’s heritage and as an artist, he will always be known for timeless songs like ‘Hillbrow’, ‘Hoe ek voel’ and ‘Halala Afrika’.”

Van Deventer wanted the doccie to be a reminder to people.

“People are quick to forget and then repeat the mistakes of the past.

“People forget, or never knew, what these guys had to give up to do what they have done.

“They also forget that the good old days weren’t that great, but they long to go back to that time and that brings hate and division.

“Apart from that, we must also never forget what an immensely talented singer and songwriter he was.”

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