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HomeNewsDispute over amaPondo throne deepens as chiefs join the fight

Dispute over amaPondo throne deepens as chiefs join the fight

Dispute over amaPondo throne deepens as chiefs join the fight

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Durban – The fight for the vacant amaPondo throne is deepening as the two main rivals square off ahead of heritage celebrations and some of the amakhosi (Chiefs) of the kingdom have now joined the fight.

Early this week, Inkosi (Chief) Ayanda Faku of Mfundisweni in eastern Pondoland drew first blood in a letter sent to IOL regarding the ongoing fight.

In his letter, Faku said acting Queen Regent Nobandla Sigcau and all those supporting her against Queen MaSobhuza Sigcau know very well that their claim to the throne is ill-conceived.

Faku’s letter was in response to revelations by IOL that Queen Nobandla intends to approach the Constitutional Court to appeal the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ruling that recently set aside the recognition of the late King Zanozuko Sigcau as the rightful King for AmaMpondo.

The late King Sigacua passed away in May this year after having been coronated in 2018 following the recommendation of the Nhlapho commission which was tasked with resolving the many contests for thrones across the country.

However, King Zanozuko's recognition was challenged by Princess Wezizwe Sigcau and her mother, Queen MaSobhuza and they won at the SCA.

In announcing their intention to appeal the SCA ruling, Queen Nobandla and her inner circle said Queen MaSobhuza had no right to convene the meeting she convened with AmaKhosi at Ntabankulu on Friday.

Nkosi Faku said they were mistaken and they should back off as their claim to the throne was based on a flawed interpretation of history.

“The appointment and recognition of Zanozuko were set aside. Zanozuko never once opposed our application.

“Now he is no more and the judgement has been passed; then suddenly will be taking the case on appeal to the Concourt.

“As the Nyauza clan we don’t support their stand and this matter has been in the courts for a long time, let’s give Mpondombini house a chance and space.

“Lastly, Magingqi the wife of the late King Mandlonke was not from the great house.

“Even Nelson, the grandfather of Zanozuko was from the supporting house of the right-hand house.

“That means case the case is now closed,” Inkosi Faku said.

Hitting back at Nkosi Faku, Dr Ntsizakalo Ngalo who speaks for Queen Nobandla said the Chief has no idea what he is talking about.

“Let me clarify this point, there is no judgement that says that MaSobhuza is a king or Queen or Qaukeni there is a Queen or King, no.

“It refers back to the royal family, the royal that they are running away from, it’s not talking about them being kings or they won the Kingship, there is no way.

“And obviously, when you appeal, automatically the status quo remains.

“They must not try to do all those things, we have got our own 15 days to appeal and we are within 15 days, we have done that, we are appealing.

“So, they must not panic, they must relax, they played their part and now it’s our turn that we play our part.

“They know nothing about the law, Ayanda knows nothing about the law,” Ngalo said in response.

Meanwhile, as the show of force between the two factions in the royal house of AmaMpondo continues to flex their muscles, Queen Nobandla has announced that all Mpondo people should gather at the Great Palace in Ntabankulu to celebrate their heritage like all South Africans.

This is seen as a counter to the meeting which was convened by Queen MaSobhuza on Friday and was attended by some royal family and AmaKhosi.


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