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Diamonds are not every girls best friend on ‘Die Real Housewives van Pretoria’

Diamonds are not every girls best friend on ‘Die Real Housewives van Pretoria’

Mel Viljoen hosted a Tammy Tailor diamond nail day to doll up the ladies' nails with some real diamonds on the latest episode of “Die Real Housewives van Pretoria”.

Before the housewives arrived at the Viljoen’s lovely home, her husband Peet gifted the founder of Tammy Taylor Nails SA a sparkling diamond neck piece.

The housewives were joined by Kelly Khumalo’s lawyer Magdalene Moonsamy, who arrived with her personal bodyguard, who’s presence certainly grabbed the attention of everyone in the room.

But it was Peet who brought the real drama with his James Bond inspired grand entrance. Mel's man delivered the diamonds to the ladies accompanied by two bodyguards, who put Moonsamy's CPO to shame.

someone give this man a peach since he wants to be a housewife so bad omg😫😭 #RHOPTA pic.twitter.com/2HxWqbK57z

— never cursed (@_musesi) November 18, 2022

While Mel was super excited for everyone to get diamonds in their nails, Rhona opted to not get a diamond on her nails, which ended up rubbing Peet the wrong way.

Listen! Peet Viljoen is my favorite housewife!!🤣😭❤️ #rhopta

— one of one (@MUD11WA) November 17, 2022

The two even had a little tiff as Peet took Rhona to task about not wanting to get a diamond in her nail. The conversation was rather tense with the two taking jabs at each other’s qualifications.

Rhona, however, won the argument saying she could go back to teaching while Peet could not go back to practising law after being disbarred.

Rhona said I can go back to teaching and you sweetie you were disbarred and disgraced sit down.
I can't wait to see that episode.#RHOPTA pic.twitter.com/JAL2tpQa5y

— Njabulo (@SomeNjabulo) November 17, 2022

Peet may have presented himself as quite knowledgeable on diamonds but he was schooled by Marie during his own presentation.

Lmfao Marie can see through Peet and this masquerade he has going on, that diamond discussion was so cringe. Also why does Peet have confessionals ??? #rhopta

— Neo (@_NeoBoo) November 17, 2022

Kiki is still on the hunt for the perfect house in Silver Lakes, but considering that she has a dream home in Mpumalanga, it's no easy task. That’s why she brought along trusted family housekeeper, Thembi Ubisi, to help.

Ubisi is known for her hilarious TikTok moments with Kiki’s husband Malcolm. At first it seemed that Ubisi was not in her comfort zone with all the cameras but she loosened up when using the perfumes in the home they were viewing.

Bathong!!! Its so nice to see Thembi featuring live in the thingzzz!!!😁😂 #RHOPTA pic.twitter.com/6PcTten1hb

— ♥kҽŋҽɩɭwҽ♥ Mos'tsana wa motswana (@mmakhumoetsile) November 18, 2022

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