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‘Dead man at meeting’ and other issues unresolved says ANC branches in Free State

‘Dead man at meeting’ and other issues unresolved says ANC branches in Free State

Disgruntled ANC branches in the Mangaung region are still awaiting a response from the Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) of the Free State on what they have described as serious irregularities.

They say they are tired of being led by interim structures and they have made allegations that regional elective processes are being rigged by the body.

Last week, branches, through their lawyer, wrote to the IPC structure and asked for the regional conference to be postponed pending their grievances being addressed.

ANC Mangaung member Fannie Lelimo in an interview on Monday said the party was leaderless in the Free State

“We have people who are pushing their own selfish interest, but when they were appointed as interim leaders their role was to unite and renew the ANC in the province.

“Branches in Mangaung are tired and the only solution is to disband the interim leadership.

“We have written so many letters to the NEC, to the IPC, to say there is a tendency to do wrong things in the organisation … and can you correct that.

“To date we have not received a response and that led to us going to court. Nowadays in the ANC, we have leaders who don’t listen and they only listen when you go to court and the court can make a final decision.

“We have raised these issues nationally and provincially and they have not listened,” said Lelimo.

In a letter sent last week by TG Mhlokonya of Mhlokonya Attorneys, he said they act at the instance of various ANC branches in the Mangaung region.

“Our clients have become cognisant of a litany of irregularities that have bedevilled the processes involving the convening and holding of branch meetings which were held in anticipation of the National Conference scheduled for December 2022.

“We are instructed that the irregularities are of such a materially grave nature that they vitiate the whole process leading to the National Conference.”

These irregularities, according to the letter, ‘range from instances of manipulation of branch meetings by in one instance, representing a deceased person as one of the attendees; and in another instance, by signing the attendance register impersonating certain members who have subsequently expressly denied that they were signatories.

“In another instance, a member who is physically not in Bloemfontein is represented as having attended the meeting and signed the attendance register.”

Mhlokonya said branches had been presented with compelling evidence demonstrating the irregularities.

Branches had lodged disputes with the Provincial Dispute Resolution Committee and in appropriate circumstances have preferred criminal charges against the perpetrators of fraud and forgery.

The branches say they “strongly urge that the contemplated Regional Conference be held in abeyance pending various grievances being addressed” or they would approach the Bloemfontein High Court for an interdictory relief.

On Monday, Mhlokonya said he would not comment and that his clients would respond to the media if necessary.

Free State IPC spokesperson Oupa Khoabane did not respond to requests for comment.

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