Dame Joan Collins thinks her late sister was reincarnated as a fly


Dame Joan Collins thinks her late sister was reincarnated as a fly

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Dame Joan Collins thinks her late sister has been reincarnated as a fly.

The 87-year-old actress believes her beloved sister Jackie – who died of cancer in 2015 – is her “guardian angel” and is convinced that a buzzing insect that she often sees nearby is her sibling keeping an eye out for her.

Asked if she thinks Jackie watches over her, she said: “Yes, definitely, she’s my guardian angel.

“There’s this little tiny fly that appeared shortly after Jackie died and now comes around a lot, even when it’s very cold. It buzzes around me and I just have a feeling of her being there whenever it appears. I’m going to get mocked for that, but I don’t care.”

The former ‘Dynasty’ star also believes she and her fifth husband, Percy Gibson – who she has been married to for 18 years – knew one another in a previous life.

She told Piers Morgan in an interview for You magazine: “No, but when Percy and I were considering getting married, an actress friend, Arlene Dahl, did our charts and it turned out that we knew each other in a previous life and are totally, totally compatible and perfect for each other.”

However, Joan is unsure if she believes in life after death.

Asked about the possibility, she said: “That’s a tricky one. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.”

The veteran actress still misses her sister every day.

She said: “Her dedication to her work, which started when she was ten years old when she would write these amazing stories, in beautiful handwriting.

“She remained so dedicated to writing that even after she knew she had cancer and was told she only had two or three years to live, she wrote another three books.

“Jackie was a great person, I miss her all the time.”

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