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Dad refuses to pay 23-year-old daughter’s plane ticket

Dad refuses to pay 23-year-old daughter’s plane ticket

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We all grew up differently, some of us were taught from a young age how to be independent, and others expect payment from their parents, even until after they have a life of their own.

However, what happens if you’re still living in your parents’ home? Do they still have a sense of responsibility to you?

One Reddit user @u/Minute-Common-6625 revealed a situation he found himself in as a dad. It was that time of the year to plan their family vacation, so he asked his oldest daughter if she would like to join them – his girlfriend and 16-year-old daughter – with the exception of paying for her own plane ticket.

The 23-year-old named Kate accepted the offer, but later realised how “not okay” the situation is. Kate came to the conclusion that her beloved father booked the trip without her.

He didn’t receive any payment from her and assumed she was no longer joining. So, he didn’t even bother to ask her?

Furthermore, he stated that Kate originally moved into his home because she was a troubled teen while living with her mom. He said that she works at a fast food restaurant and obviously expected that her income would be enough for a plane ticket.

In his mind, she is living rent-free and should be able to afford to pay for a plane ticket.

It seems a bit shady when he starts to compare the siblings, stating that Alexa, the 16-year-old is bright and hard working, just an absolute gem. When talking about Kate, there’s this dark cloud hovering; could this be why he didn’t feel the need to help Kate?

‘’Kate was absolutely terrible in her teenage years. She was rude, disrespectful, and would steal, smoke, skip class etc. Kate barely finished high school and was put in continuation school.’’ he wrote.

Dad refuses to pay 23-year-old daughter’s plane ticket
Many viewed the way the dad treated his daughters differently as part of the problem. Picture: Liza Summer/Pexels

And get this, the vacation was a celebration honouring Alexa’s dedication to her school work and sports. Listen, it is all good and well wanting to celebrate achievements, but did he have to do Kate like that? holding her past against her. I question if he ever sought help for the behaviour Kate portrayed. it doesn’t sound like it. It just sounds like Kate was terrible for the sake of being terrible.

He mentioned that Kate is doing well now and is saving up for an apartment. I think he should’ve at least helped her pay for the ticket, seeing as though she is genuinely working towards a better life. But no.

Kate decided to take the situationship to TikTok to explain her side of the story. According to dad, the video received views and even money, which had him and the rest of the clan “livid”.

‘’I showed my girlfriend and we were both livid, Alexa was also very upset about the comments which fuelled my anger.’’ Cry me a river.

He stated that after the argument broke out regarding the “untruthful” TikTok video, he kicked her out for a week. If you ask me, he is clearly treating Kate badly, based on her past and is putting Alexa and the girlfriend above her. The internet was torn in two, with some agreeing and others not so much.

Dad wrote: “A lot of people were bringing their own personal family dramas and projecting that onto me. A lot of people assumed my daughter had autism or ADHD and said because they related to Kate and they have a mental health problem, Kate must have it too. I tend to ignore those opinions and focus on unbiased ones.

“In the beginning of your child’s life, you have to put in effort and give them love, support, and encouragement. Once they are an adult, though, it now goes both ways. Once a child is now an adult, everything they do in their lives is their choice, you can only offer your opinion and support,” he concluded.

What do you think? because he stated that Kate was living with her mom until the age of 18 … was he even present? putting in the “effort, love, and support?”

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