Home News Correctional Services to study Zuma judgment to ‘clarify a way forward’

Correctional Services to study Zuma judgment to ‘clarify a way forward’

Correctional Services to study Zuma judgment to ‘clarify a way forward’

Cape Town – The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) said it has noted the judgment handed down by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) pertaining to former president Jacob Zuma’s medical parole placement.

On Monday, the SCA found that the medical parole granted to Zuma by then prison boss Arthur Fraser was unlawful and ruled he return to jail.

In a decision written by Judge Tati Makgoka, the SCA stressed that the effect of its order that Zuma had unlawfully been granted medical parole was that “Mr Zuma, in law, has not finished serving his sentence”, News24 reported.

After the judgment on the matter was delivered the DCS said it respects the court’s decision.

“DCS respects the court’s decision and will study the full judgment in seeking to clarify a way forward within the requisite time frame,” the department said.

Previously IOL reported that Zuma was granted medical parole after he was hospitalised days after he handed himself in, in July 2021 after the Constitutional Court found him guilty of contempt of court and was to serve 15 months in prison.

The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria reviewed and set aside Zuma’s initial successful application for parole in December 2021.

Since the news broke, Fraser and Zuma have been trending on Twitter.

Many tweeps called for Fraser to be investigated after the ruling found his actions to be unlawful.

I think it was very strange how Arthur Fraser gave that medical parol.. pic.twitter.com/XX2vP2siaE

— Bram Hanekom (@bram_hanekom) November 21, 2022

They are also calling for him to be sent to jail.

Arthur Fraser failed. pic.twitter.com/eOcp7kkl8c

— Bram Hanekom (@bram_hanekom) November 21, 2022

Is anybody really surprised that the SCA ha ruled that Jacob Zuma medical parole was unlawful? I mean put Wenzeni and Arthur Fraser together and you know there will be illegality galore nje. Plus Dali Mpofu as their defense is no match for Adv Tembeka Ngcukaitobi. pic.twitter.com/kPJEnjVcJT

— Big Mo (@MogomotsiLebot2) November 21, 2022

Fraser previously made headlines after accusing President Cyril Ramaphosa of lying about the origin of the stolen US dollars at his Phala Phala farm.

What needs to happen now is that Arthur Fraser must be charged for releasing Jacob Zuma unlawfully.

— Dabane The Darling ❤️✌🏾 (@Sgadi28) November 21, 2022

If Zuma’s medical parole was unlawful, who should be held accountable? Jacob Zuma? Under what circumstances should he be returned to prison when his prison term has ended? Let them hold Arthur Fraser accountable, Zuma did not give himself parole.

— KM. (@KhanyaMsika) November 21, 2022



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