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Cape Town ‘Minstrel and Malay Choirs’ is back after a two year break

Cape Town ‘Minstrel and Malay Choirs’ is back after a two year break

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There was no containing the excitement in Cape Town this week after the official reopening of the Minstrels competitions, Malay choir road marches and the historic Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel parade.

After the City of Cape Town shut the annual events as part of the world pandemic regulations, thousands of people who traditionally form part of the “klopse” events were left high and dry.

Cape Town mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis announced the news at City Hall in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Hill-Lewis said the COCT would provide financial support, event services and waive the use of City facilities for these events.

“These events represent the rich heritage of our beautiful city and they mean so much to thousands of Capetonians who have grown up with the culture associated with Minstrels and Malay Choirs.”

With the minstrels forming a chunk of Cape Town heritage, the news of the developments was received with open arms from locals and just in time for Heritage Day.

Hill-Lewis added: “Not seeing them performing over the last two summers has left a cultural hole in Cape Town.

“We have all waited eagerly for this day.

“We want to hear the sounds of the Ghoema again and see the colours of the klopse in our streets.”

He said: “We are really looking forward to working with the organisations to ensure we put on a massive celebration for their return and to ensure those who make a livelihood through these events can continue doing so.”

Cape Town ‘Minstrel and Malay Choirs’ is back after a two year break
Pictured is Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) spokesman Muneeb Gambeno. The Kaapse Klopse (or simply Klopse) is a minstrel festival that takes place annually on January 2 and it is also referred to as Tweede Nuwe Jaar (Second New Year), in Cape Town, South Africa. Picture: David Ritchie

Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) chairperson Muneeb Gambino told IOL Entertainment: “We’re delighted to be in a position to reactivate this iconic event which is truly a representation of Cape Town and its people.

“Whilst Covid was a setback, we intend on making the carnival bigger and better than before and by doing so, unlock its value to drive economic development and social cohesion for the benefit of all the people of this beautiful City.”

The first of the events, the “Cape Malay Choir Board Choral” competition, is taking place at the Good Hope Christian Centre in Ottery on Saturday 24.

The competitions will run until the end of October, culminating in the grand finale at the Athlone stadium.

The Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) Minstrel competitions will take place throughout January, while the Tweede Nuwe Jaar Minstrel Parade (Cape Town Street Parade) will return to its traditional date of January 2.

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