Home Lifestyle Bride kicks unknown plus-one out of wedding. Is she a Bridezilla?

Bride kicks unknown plus-one out of wedding. Is she a Bridezilla?

Bride kicks unknown plus-one out of wedding. Is she a Bridezilla?

Because weddings are such a personal affair, brides and grooms are very particular about who they invite to their weddings.

Gone are the days when random distant relatives that the bridal couple have never even make it onto the guest list.

These days if you’re a single person you should consider yourself lucky to receive a plus one with your invitation.

This bridal couple were very specific about plus-ones and only extended these to married couples or if they knew the significant others well. So when one of their guests rocked up at the wedding with a person they didn’t know, the bride was left fuming.

She took to Reddit’s AITA group to share her frustration and her reasons for kicking out a guest she did not know.

“My husband has one childhood friend that was coming from out of state to attend. I’ve met him a bunch but only his girlfriend of three years a few times because of the distance,” writes the Reddit user.

“I didn’t want to give him a plus one but my husband begged since he was travelling and didn’t know anyone else at the wedding and he didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or have to travel alone. I said fine just to make him happy.”

“Flash forward to the reception, I see him with some girl I have never seen before. I asked husband what was up and he told me that his friend and his girlfriend broke up a few days before the wedding and since he already RSVPed as two he brought a friend with him.

“I was p***ed since I made an exception for him and I didn’t want anyone random at my wedding,” she adds.

Annoyed the bride then told her bridesmaid to ask her husband’s friend to take his date back to the hotel because it was “a private event”.

According to the bride, he didn’t make a fuss and left but did return to the wedding.

However, when the groom found out about what happened, he was not impressed.

“He’s mad because his friend travelled and I kick him out without talking to him. I didn’t kick him out, just his date.”

While this post was originally posted by the bride on the AITA group, another user reposted it on the wedding shaming group as a “Bridezilla alert”.

Do you think she’s a Bridezilla for kicking out the woman she didn’t know?

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