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Biko’s son and Bosa CEO Hlumelo says his father never folded

Biko’s son and Bosa CEO Hlumelo says his father never folded

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Johannesburg – The son of legendary anti-apartheid struggle icon Steven Bantu Biko and now CEO of the political new kid on the block, Build One South Africa (Bosa) Hlumelo Biko, while standing in the cell where his father was brutally murdered 45 years ago, said Biko never bent over, told, or folded in the face of death.

Biko said that he was a product of the things that happened to his father in the cell 45 years ago.

“I stand next to where a man came here to be interrogated at the threat of death many times. He never told, never bent, never folded, and is here today to give us a political lesson in courage,” he said.

Biko was joined by party national chairperson Khusta Jack, whom he said shared similar principles as his father.

“When you see something that is wrong and you have the ability to change it, you can do so by fighting to the death. As Bosa, we are launching the party here because we believe that the same principles have carried these men both in life and death to a point where they have chosen the right way over any other,” said Biko.

Khusta was involved in the formation of Cosas.

The deputy leader of Bosa, Nobantu Hlazo-Webster, said this was the first province in which Bosa had launched.

She said it was significant that they were launching in the Eastern Cape for many reasons, but foremost of these was because of the many heroes and legends who come from the Eastern Cape.

“I know that there are many other leaders in the Eastern Cape who are ready to take their place in building this province and in building South Africa to be what we all know it can be,” she said.

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