Home Travel Before booking that overseas holiday, why not consider a staycation?

Before booking that overseas holiday, why not consider a staycation?

Before booking that overseas holiday, why not consider a staycation?

It’s exciting to see signs of recovery for the tourism sector, with international tourist arrivals rising nearly 60% .

According to the City of Cape Town's mayoral committee member for economic growth James Vos, American tourists were South Africa’s biggest visiting group in 2021.

However, rising inflation, oil prices and increases in global transport and accommodation costs have made it pricier for South Africans to travel internationally.

Recent research also shows that many airlines and hotels are fully booked for the upcoming holidays. Therefore many South Africans are looking for alternative ways to spend their holidays.

Sean Bradley, chief business development officer for Travelwings Africa said: “Just as local travellers helped to keep the South African tourism industry afloat over the last two and a half years, it is our view that this holiday season a staycation will prove to be an extremely attractive alternative for South African singles, couples, and families.’’

‘’Not only is it easier on the bank balance, but there are many local experiences on offer that tick all the boxes of needs and wants and are in tune with rising travel trends.”

The World Travel Organisation released a report on the top travel trends in Africa for 2022 which showed that holidaymakers wanted to “make a positive impact on conservation and communities,” and have “intimate and authentic experiences”.

This leads to people wanting to take longer trips in simpler ways and still having it be a meaningful trip.

For Gauteng locals, Rovos Rail or Blue Train offers holidaymakers a return to the slow life in a luxurious and elegant manner.

In the Western Cape, a stay at Grootbos Forest Lodge within the carbon-negative Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, south of Cape Town, provides stylish, contemporary accommodation, and decadent meals including those made from fresh produce grown on the 2,500-hectare site.

Both Mpumalanga and Limpopo are perfect for holiday escapes that epitomize luxury, such as staying at the Big 5 Kwafubesi Tented Safari Camp and Tanamera Lodge, on the slopes of the Sabie River.

“With summer approaching, we expect an influx of international tourists to South Africa over the next couple of months.

“However, if Covid has taught the local tourism industry just one thing, it is the importance of our local market, which has supported us through the worst of the pandemic and has played a massive role in helping us revive and recover,” concluded Bradley.

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