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Bed collapses, trapping woman inside at Disney World Hotel

Bed collapses, trapping woman inside at Disney World Hotel

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Disney World is a tradition for many families, it’s a time to go wild and enjoy a day filled with absolute adventure and fun. Sadly, for one person named, Sara (@ss4rax), it turned sour real quick.

The video, according to Yahoo news, detailed how Sara and her family visit the popular amusement park regularly, but never has a bed collapse while she was sleeping in it.

I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is, how did this happen? well, according to the report, Sara explained that she heard ‘wood ripping’ sounds coming from the wall, but she heard it too late and the bed collapsed with her trapped inside.

In the video, Sara explains that she woke in the middle of the night to the faint sound of wood ripping out of the wall. According to Inside The Magic’s report, Sara explains that it was too late for her to react because the bed promptly collapsed, trapping her inside.

Bed collapses, trapping woman inside at Disney World Hotel
Picture: Kevin Malik/Pexels

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to scream unless I got out, so with adrenaline, I ripped my head and my chest out,” she said.

“The whole thing came collapsing back down on my right arm. Adrenaline kicked in. It hurt so bad, but I needed to scream,” she said.

Sara was left injured and bruised.

One would think you’d have to give the bed reason to collapse, you know, maybe a little too much action, but Sara’s dad had a look at the bed and mansplained that “it was installed incorrectly”.

The report further noted that the comments on the now taken-down video said the bed was meant for children, which is why it’s attached to the wall. But Sara responded by saying she’d slept on the bed since the age of 13 and she is now 20.

However, a Disney representative told Inside the Magic that the beds are meant for children aged nine and under, with a weight limit of 90kg. So, who was in the wrong here? Twenty-year-old Sara? or the workers who installed the bed?

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