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Battle between relatives for the Malaza throne in Mpumalanga rages on

Malaza has already assumed the position even though an official cultural coronation (sibhmbi in SiSwati culture) has not been convened.

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However, his ascendancy is being challenged and his challengers have vowed that if the Premier of Mpumalanga, Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane and her cooperative governance and traditional affairs MEC, Mandla Ndlovu do not address the matter, they may have to seek court redress.

According to Thandeka Malaza, a spokesperson of the Malaza royal family faction which is challenging Nhlanhla’s grip on power, his appointment came as a result of some elders of the clan mishandling the succession matter.

According to Thandeka, the rightful heir to the Malaza throne is Mlamuli Malaza. She said that was because Malaza comes from a house where the great wife came from the royal house of eSwatini, which is led by King Mswati.

Thandeka shared a document with a list of reasons for supporting him. “In terms of Customary law, (these are) the reasons that support the legitimacy of  Mlamuli Magnificent Malaza.

1. Mlamuli Magnificent Malaza is the first born son to the late  Inkhosi Kokayi Malaza and late Great wife Ntfombitandzile Dlamini-Malaza and fully qualifies as a legitimate Royal Family member to assume the position of the traditional leader of Mandlamakhulu Traditional Council.

2. His mother, the late Great wife Ntfombitandzile Dlamini-Malaza was born into the Dlamini Royal Family eMbhuleni.

“3. His mother the late Great wife Ntfombitandzile Dlamini-Malaza was married (customary) to the late Inkhosi Kokayi Malaza.

4. In 1983 his mother the late great wife Ntfombitandzile Dlamini-Malaza joined Malaza Royal family through arranged marriage by the late Prince Mkolishi Dlamini of Embhuleni Royal Family (wendziswa) while she was 14 years old.

“In terms of Mpumalanga Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, Act 3 of 2005. The first born Mlamuli Magnificent Malaza  the son of the late Inkhosi Kokayi Malaza and the Late Queen Ntfombitandzile Dlamini-Malaza, he was born from a defined mother in accordance with the traditions, customs and norms of the traditional community.

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