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Bangladeshi businessman shot and killed in botched robbery, kidnapping in Newfields

Bangladeshi businessman shot and killed in botched robbery, kidnapping in Newfields

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Cape Town – The Bangladeshi community living in Cape Town has slammed the SAPS for allegedly standing by while a Bangladeshi businessman was shot and killed in a botched robbery and attempted kidnapping.

Speaking to the “Cape Argus”, a witness and a member of the Bangladeshi community, who did not want to be named, said that the Bangladeshi community was shocked and disturbed by the incident that unfolded on Thursday afternoon in Mandel Road, Newfields.

He said: “They killed Jhirul Remel. They wanted to kidnap and rob him, but he tried to get away, and they shot him in the head, killing him. Nowadays we are living in fear of the people doing this.

“They know us and often target us. Jhirul was reportedly coming from Jumbo Cash and Carry, a wholesale supermarket where he had just bought some stock for his shop when the suspects allegedly pounced on him.

“I’m sure they didn’t want to just rob him, they wanted to take him too, like they did Akter.”

Akter Pradhan, a 37-year-old Bangladeshi national and businessman, was kidnapped last month by unknown suspects who reportedly held him captive while extorting his family for ransom.

Video footage of Pradhan’s violent abduction and ransom note went viral in the weeks following the incident.

“Jhirul’s mistake was to turn his back on these thieves, that’s how they shot him. He was trying to reverse and get away. It’s so scary living in South Africa at the moment. What’s worse is the police’s conduct.

“There was a police van parked just a few metres away from where this happened. Those officers did nothing to help him. How could they do that? They could have saved his life, and if not, caught the people who did this.”

The “Cape Argus” contacted the police regarding the allegations made by the community, but they declined to comment.

Instead, they said that Philippi police are investigating a murder after receiving a complaint about a shooting incident in Newfields.

Police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said: “When officers arrived at the scene they found the body of an unknown man. Reports suggested that the victim, a male aged 40, was in front of a local Cash and Carry when he was approached by three unknown armed males.

“When he tried to flee the scene, the suspects fired gunshots, fatally wounding the suspect. The victim was declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel.

“The unknown suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested. The motive for the attack is armed robbery,” Swartbooi said.


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