Back to school lunch box tips

Back to school lunch box tips

Back to school lunch box tips

By Asanda Sokanyile Time of article published 35m ago

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Cape Town – Two months of holidaying, sleeping in, loading up on junk food and not worrying about homework is coming to an end.

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind, so pack away those lollipops, chocolates and chips and let’s try and have some yummy healthy brain food.

While parents may be panicking about the long checklist of things to do like washing uniforms, school drop-offs and pick-ups, there is also the task of packing creative lunches. To save you some time, here are some lunch pack tips by chef and author of The Organised Housewife, Katrina Springer.

“Make it easy. Provide food that’s easy for them to eat and provide it in lunch boxes that are easy for kids to open. For example, if their little fingers struggle to peel an orange, then peel it at home so it’s ready to go at lunchtime.“

FRUIT AND VEGETABLES – Include a mix of fruit and vegetables in to boost nutrition and make sure your kids are getting their essential vitamins and minerals. Add in some vegetable sticks with avocado or carrots for an element of crunch.

GO FOR WATER – Children play a lot and should stay hydrated. Packing a water bottle with their lunch is the best way for them to develop the habit of staying hydrated.

KEEP IT COOL – Pack foods and snacks that will stay fresh during the school day. Food spoilage can result in illness. It’s a good idea to put a freezer block in their lunch bag to keep the food fresh all day.

HEALTHY BALANCE – School lunches should have a balance of all of the food groups.

BONUS TIP – Before you do your weekly shop, create a plan of what you want to pack for school lunches for the week and add the items to your grocery list.

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