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Avoid feeding your pooch these Christmas treats

Mashed potatoes. Picture: Pexels Rachel Loughman


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Dogs can eat turkey as long as it’s boneless and skinless. The skin is much too fatty for your dog, while the bones can cause internal damage, so ensure that you’ve taken the time to remove these from the meat before adding it to your dog’s Christmas dinner.


A tasty festive treat but make sure you only feed your dog plain mashed or boiled potatoes with nothing else added (e.g. salt, butter). Again, moderation is important. Potatoes, no matter how they are prepared or cooked, are very starchy, which dogs can struggle to digest.


As long as the fish is cooked through and has not been marinated in or covered with harmful ingredients, it’s okay for dogs to eat. However, be absolutely sure there are no bones hiding in there. Fish bones are tiny and can easily become lodged in a dog’s throat or puncture its stomach. And the same goes for seasoning – try to pick a piece without all that yummy (for humans) spice or herbs.

Can’t eat:

Chocolate. Picture: Pexels Vie Studio

Raisins, grapes and sultanas

These Christmas favourites, either out for snacking or mixed into Christmas treats, are toxic for pets and can cause vomiting, and in more severe cases kidney failure. It’s unknown what it is about them that is so toxic to pets, so it is recommended to keep them well away from your furry friends.


Despite being a favourite festive treat for humans, chocolate poses a real threat to dogs. So, hide your celebration boxes in a secure location.


If you wind down with some liquid libations, remember that even trace amounts of alcohol are poisonous to pets. It can lead to dangerous drops in blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature.

In severe cases of alcohol poisoning, pets can experience seizures and even respiratory failure, so be extremely careful with the booze around the house.

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