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American model honours 2022 Fifa World Cup teams through fashion

An international model is showing off the hottest fashion looks inspired by the Fifa World Cup.

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Last night I watched the 2022 Fifa World Cup game for the first time, all thanks to Eskom and load shedding.

I missed all the games, but fortunately, I could watch the final, where Argentina played against France. I know many people were rooting for Argentina to win so that Lionel Messi could complete football with a World Cup title, but I was in favour of France simply because of Kylian Mbappé.

He carried his entire team by scoring a total of four goals and his teammates let him down when they couldn’t score a single goal on the penalties. What a disappointment.

Nonetheless, I am pleased that Messi won because at least the debate of who’s better between him and Cristiano Ronaldo will end.

It is true that sports brings people together because even fashionistas like Wisdom Kaye were fully invested. The American model created 16 fashion looks to honour the teams that participated in the World Cup. From Portugal to Brazil, Morocco and others, the teams were well represented.

He gave his followers an option to vote for the best look, and the top eight will make it to his Fashion World Cup quarter-finals.

“The first iteration of the Fashion World Cup, and you the fans decide who goes on to the next round.

“The current 16 teams here are based on the round of 16 from the actual World Cup (except Germany) since I wanted to drop this video when that part of the tournament started but I was travelling so much I couldn’t finish. But based on your comments, 8 teams will go to the quarter finals with new fits. Who will it be?” wrote Kaye.

While many of his followers are confused which teams have the hottest looks (Portugal and Brazil seem to be in the lead), they couldn’t stop raving about his creativity.

“I love this man and his style so much, I can’t even explain it,” commented @ourleadersfatu.

Below are more reactions from tweeps who love his style.

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