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A Night With Sipho Hotstix Mabuse at Leano Restaurant

A Night With Sipho Hotstix Mabuse at Leano Restaurant

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Johannesburg – Friday night saw Independent Media signing a trade agreement with what used to be The Orbit restaurant, now called Leano Restaurant and Live Music in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

And Jazz music lovers were in for a treat as legendary muso Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse graced the audience with his presence. He recently celebrated his 71st birthday last Wednesday.

The cold night filled with wet roads didn’t stop jazz lovers from attending the cosy event to honour the legend for his pioneering contribution to the music industry. Mabuse who is regarded as a multi instrumentalist with a charismatic presence, for more than 50 years has got a lot to celebrate. He's made great music for decades, travelled the world, created a lasting legacy and he's lived his life with no regrets.

His 2005 hit single Shikisha was one of many hits he performed at Leano, having everyone up on their feet. The set up at the restaurant allowed for attendees to enjoy a meal and drink while listening to Hotstix and his band.

The night was a reminder of how his music helped millions of people in the townships stay sane during the apartheid era. He started his career as a drummer in 1970 and his big break came with the single Jiva Soweto. This year the musician celebrates 71 years of a life well lived and he shared some career highlights. One of them was starting a band.

“In high school, we started one of the most prolific music bands, The Beaters. I had always loved music, but I never imagined myself in a band composing music, I always imagined myself to be an academic until we formed The Beaters,” he said.

While on stage in between performances, he introduced his band and giggled with the crowd saying old age was catching up with him.

“I’ve been with the band for about 15 years and I sometimes forget their names. That’s what old age does to you, and it is certainly catching up with me,” he said.

Speaking about the importance of keeping black businesses afloat, he said places like Leano Restaurant are important because these are the places that keep artists alive, so “it is important to support black businesses and keep them alive because they keep us artists alive,” he said.

His message to young musicians: “Commitment is important. Make time for your craft, practice, learn and discover new ways of being creative. Young people also need to use music for the good of society. Music is a gift you use to share your experiences with others, being a musician means you’re a prophet and you need to use it for the good.”

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