Home News 68% of SA youth face discrimination every day

68% of SA youth face discrimination every day

68% of SA youth face discrimination every day



Johannesburg – According to a new Unicef South Africa U-Report poll, 68% of the youth in South Africa stated that discrimination was a regular part of life, from school and work to community spaces.

The findings were released ahead of World Children’s Day, which is celebrated yearly on November 20.

The findings show how racism and discrimination against children based on their ethnicity, language and religion are rife in countries across the world. Age, gender, education, income and skin colour are the main reasons for discrimination.

“The South Africa U-Report findings also showed that 80% of young respondents felt discrimination has impacted their lives, or that of someone they know, to some degree. More than half stated that girls and boys with disabilities are not getting the same opportunities for skills development as others,” said Christine Muhugana, a Unicef South Africa representative.

“The right to equality and non-discrimination is at the core of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which clearly states that governments must protect children against all forms of discrimination.”

“We must all fight discrimination against children. The shocking levels of violence against children and the inequality that impacts young lives and feeds discrimination in South Africa must be tackled as a matter of urgency,” she added.

In celebration of World Children’s Day, Unicef South Africa partnered with companies in the private sector, an initiative that will see children take part in the Unicef South Africa CEO Network meeting. Learners from different schools will be leading the meetings and presenting on issues that affect them, from climate and education to mental health.

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