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60% of South Africans surveyed want four-day work week in favour of more free time

60% of South Africans surveyed want four-day work week in favour of more free time

South Africans are eagerly embracing the radical-sounding four-day work week.

Under this mode of work, employees can have more time out of the office to rest, spend time with loved ones and participate in recreational activities.

Non-profit organisation 4 Day Work Week South Africa will trial this futuristic work structure in businesses which have opted to do the six-month trial, from February and to July.

The four-day work week is centred on the 100-80-100 model, which asserts that employees receive 100% of their pay for 80% of their time in exchange for the responsibility to producing at least 100% of their output.

In a recent survey of 3500 people conducted by Auto & General Insurance, more than 60% thought the four-day work week was a great idea.

Following the end of the Covid-19 lockdown, 71% of respondents were back at work. According to 52% of respondents, their workplace does not have a flexible working policy, which may have contributed to their enthusiasm for this work mode.

“The workplace of the future prioritises well-being, flexibility and sustainability. Whether that comes in the form of a four-day week, a hybrid policy or a commute-worthy office environment, it’s the cornerstone of an attractive employee value proposition,” said Ricardo Coetzee, the head of Auto & General Insurance.

The goal of 4 Day Week South Africa, according to its director Karen Lowe, is to change the conversation about work because the country has been focusing on time-based output rather than productivity-based output.

“The prescribed five-day week is not necessarily the best way to deliver the best level of productivity. We have seen this time and time again in organisations across the private sector and the government who are really struggling in South Africa’s post-Covid-19 to get the workforce back into offices,” she said.

Over 15 businesses have signed up for the trailblazing experiment. TDMC, an e-commerce agency, is one of them.

According to the company, this is done to attract and retain skilled employees, as well as to allow its team to “live their best life every week”.

TDMC managing director Cheryl Ingram stated that the agency has always prioritised promoting a healthy work-life balance for its employees, and that participating in this pilot project allows it to highlight its agile and innovative approach to business while demonstrating industry leadership.

“I love the idea of leading from the front, and taking part in this four-day week pilot gives us the opportunity to put productivity in the hands of our employees. It’s up to them to make it work and in doing so, they take ownership for creating the work environment they want,” she said.

For companies who are interested at the prospect of taking part in the experiment, the deadline for registering has been extended to January 15.

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