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5 tips for building the perfect Christmas cheese board

Cheese boards may not be the main important thing at Christmas tables, but with the right creation, they can be a perfect addition to any Christmas party or dinner. Picture: Pexels/Luna Lovegood
  • Variety works – choose cheeses with different textures and taste profiles.
  • Sweet, sour, bitter, and salty – match your cheeses to an array of different sweet and savoury ingredients.
  • Dazzle with colour – choose fruits and vegetables of different colours, shapes, and textures.
  • Fill the space – use garnishes such as fresh herbs, berries, nuts, roasted chickpeas, and edible flowers so that the board is entirely covered with an abundance of good foods.
  • Keep it cool – Remember that cheeses are at their best at room temperature. So, keep your cheese board indoors until you are ready to serve. You can also assemble your cheese board on a marble slab to keep cheeses cool for longer outdoors.

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