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5 safety tips for solo female travellers


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Travelling solo is on the rise with more and more people opting to go explore alone.

The textbook definition of a solo traveller is is an individual who visits any particular destination and enjoys the tour on his or her own.

They are commonly known as a backpacker, solivagant, and vagabond traveller.

There’s just something about taking a bold step out of your comfort zone and setting yourself on the path to learn and experience a different place and culture.

Travelling makes you happier, let’s you disconnect and recharge, relieves stress and anxiety whilst also exposing you to new things or ways of thinking.

Here are five tips for women solo travellers to keep safe.

5 safety tips for solo female travellers
Thorough planning and research is important when you are planning to embark on a trip, especially a solo trip. Picture: Unsplash

Plan and research

Before you get on a plane and explore, always do your due diligence and research on the place you are going to. Read reviews on the place and basically, Google the place to have a fair picture on the people, their culture and the local cuisine.

That will lead you to make the necessary plans and travel arrangements. Also, a lot of fear and insecurity of travelling alone comes from not having an idea of what you are doing and where you are going.

Plan out your day, where you’re staying and how you will move around. Opt to land at a foreign place during the day and not late at night.

Remain inconspicuous

It’s important to try and remain as inconspicuous as possible. Basically, stay under the radar. You don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself or make yourself an easy target.

Read up on the countries’ laws and regulations so you don’t find yourself in trouble or doing what is foreign to locals. If the country is conservative, respect the laws and cover up.

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