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5 reasons why spring is the best season to travel to South Africa


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There’s nothing better than seeing flowers bloom and green leaves sprout after a cold grey winter.

Mid-season is a time where the weather is not too cold and not too hot. Guest relations manager, Nicol Carelse gives us five reasons why mid-season is the best time to take a holiday.

Discounts and great rates

Affordability is on most of our minds when it comes to vacations and travelling; especially when the cost of living has gone up significantly. Hence, during springtime flights and accommodation, rates are significantly lower than during peak season, according to research.

Laure Bornet, GM, KAYAK EMEA, which manages Cheapflights.co.za says that holiday goers who plan beforehand can stack up the savings while still getting to do a trip across the country, or take that long-desired journey abroad.

“There are always seasonal flight price changes that travellers can benefit from. Spring flight prices are currently seeing an even bigger decrease compared to what we observed before the pandemic,” she says.

Mid-week travel discounts are often on days when flying and lodging are less expensive. These are days during the week when travellers are less likely to book accommodation or when flight bookings are lower such as Mondays and Tuesdays.

More fun in nature

There are many health benefits to spending time in nature, for the mind, body and soul. Autumn and spring are two seasons where nature is bound to amaze you, with all the colour and flowers, how can it not brighten up your day?

Carelse says each year during spring, South Africa’s national parks offer free entry to visitors for one week during spring – make sure to get that bargain.

Other seasonal activities include surfing in spring when the water is warming up after a cold winter and the waves favourable. For example, Blouberg is one of the best spots in Cape Town to learn how to surf, and if you’re a pro, well, ride that wave!

5 reasons why spring is the best season to travel to South Africa
Ready to ride the wave. Picture: Kampus Production/Pexels

Lest we forget the gorgeous blooming season of flowers in Namaqualand, one of South Africa’s pride and joy.

More rest equals productivity

Carelse says many people wait until the end of the year to give their bodies and minds an extended mental and physical rest.

However, mid-season breaks are the perfect opportunity to schedule days to just lie in, read your favourite book or magazine or enjoy a massage at a spa; whatever relaxes you.

5 reasons why spring is the best season to travel to South Africa
Time out. Picture: Max Andrey/ Pexels

According to the Human Capital Hub, resting or taking a holiday can make you more productive once you get back to work, and with many of us going back to the office, it doesn’t sound too bad to take that well-deserved break. Breaking out of the day-to-day routine forces the mind to be present while focusing on new experiences.

There are fewer people around

This could either be a plus or a minus for you but during “mid-season” there are fewer people around filling up the beaches, shopping areas and most of the tourist attractions. So, no long queues waiting for your ice cream cone on the beach or your cocktail at a popular bar. And of course, less traffic, which can be a pain.

Fair weather

Autumn and spring temperatures in South Africa are moderate. In the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the water is warmer for swimming; making it the perfect time to hit the popular beaches we have to offer, for example Durban and Cape Town have some of the best beaches to swim and soak up the not too very hot sun.


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