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5 Reasons why every business needs the iKhokha smart card machine

5 Reasons why every business needs the iKhokha smart card machine

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iKhokha’s new smart card machine is a long-term investment built to last with smart technology. It’s just what your business needs. Here’s why.

Over the last decade, South African fintech company iKhokha has been developing payment solutions to empower small business owners with tools to compete in an increasingly cashless society.

The company has added a new smart card machine to their range of payment solutions – the iK Flyer.

Here are five reasons the iK Flyer is the long-term investment to business owners.

1. Free automatic software updates

The iK Flyer comes preloaded with the iKhokha app and upgrades automatically as new updates become available.

While the launch version of the iK Flyer includes a stock version of the app, iKhokha plans on releasing their exclusive business tools like the popular iK Cash Advance, iK Vend and iK Pay Link in the near future.

2. Better connection & faster speed

Many businesses face connectivity challenges, from erratic mobile networks to staying online during loadshedding. With the iK Flyer, the answer to speed and reliability is simple – more options.

The WiFi-enabled iK Flyer also has two built-in 4G SIM cards with unlimited data. This gives business owners the power to switch between WiFi and two additional network providers to find the strongest network.

3. High-speed printer for faster sales

The iK Flyer includes a built-in ink-free thermal printer that prints physical receipts at a high speed of 70mm per second. Merchants can also skip the printing and email a digital copy to the customer.

4. Long-lasting removeable battery

The iK Flyer is currently the only card machine in the mPOS (mobile point of sale space) to include a charging base that’s useful for keeping the device charged up and secure when not in use.

Card machines with built-in batteries have a limited lifespan. Over time, the battery health decreases and may require the entire device to be replaced. On the flip side, with the iK Flyer’s removable battery, you can keep the device by replacing the old battery with a new one.

5. Built-in business management tools

The smart device also includes a business management suite which makes it easier for business owners to run their day-to-day. The device enables staff-switching, enabling each staff member to easily login under a unique profile. It also gives the business owner or admin an overview of staff performance, business inventory and sales.

Helping SA businesses rise higher with the iK Flyer

Ramsay Daly, iKhokha’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, is eager to see this exciting innovation impact South African SMEs.

“The iK Flyer incorporates the best of iKhokha's software products in one high-quality card machine and ensures business owners have all the tools they need to succeed in the South African business environment,” says Daly.

The iK Flyer is launching at a competitive price of R1999, including the charging base.

For more on iKhokha’s latest devices and services, visit www.iKhokha.com.

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