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4 reasons why Georgia should be on your bucket list

4 reasons why Georgia should be on your bucket list

Travellers are starting to look at and build their dream travel bucket lists for 2023 as we head towards the end of another year.

One destination that has largely flown under the radar over the years, but is quickly climbing the travel bucket list ranks, is Georgia.

Here are some reasons why the country, located at the eastern end of the Black Sea, should be ticked off your travel destination bucket list.

1. Visa-free destination for South Africans

The little country on the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucus Mountains, is a visa-free destination for travellers from South Africa.

This idyllic destination welcomes between 9 and 11 million international tourists each year, around 50 million fewer than Italy and 70 million fewer than France.

2. Growth in popularity

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As a holiday destination, it’s still relatively unknown and is a must-see for travellers who like to get off the beaten track.

This destination has become so popular with travellers in recent times that it prompted global travel brand Contiki to create and launch its first ever trip to Georgia, for 2023.

The 10-day excursion begins in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and will visit the country’s most famous and exciting attractions from there.

3. Rich culture and heritage

Alongside its rich winemaking tradition, Georgia is known for its charming blend of old and new, boasting rural landscapes and traditional architecture, as well as a thriving youth culture and techno music scene.

Travellers can explore the country’s 5 Unesco World Heritage Sites, including a traditional winery that makes wine using giant clay jars, Georgia’s 3 000-year-old ancient capital city, and one of the highest permanently settled villages in Europe.

Natural beauty is also on offer, with visits to Martvili Canyon, the Caucasus and its glacier.

4.Tourist friendly

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The friendly population has led to Georgia being nicknamed, “The World’s Most Hospitable Nation“.

Travellers will get to experience authentic Georgian hospitality on the trip when they enjoy local food and wine in the home of a local.

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